When I was getting ready to move into my apartment and deciding on a decor vibe, I knew that I wanted cozy glam. I didn't want to go overboard but I wanted pink, gold, and some other deep tones to make it feel like me. I didn't want a minimalist look with white and grey, I wanted it to feel super cozy and comfortable. 

I knew I was going to get a pink couch and a fireplace TV stand, so those were no brainers but when it came to the other pieces I knew everything had to be cohesive and go together in a way. As I was searching the internet for the furniture that spoke to me I discovered a brand on Wayfair called CosmoLiving. 

It's Cosmopolitan Magazine's home collection and it is exactly what you would imagine a Cosmopolitan home line to look like. Everything is sophisticated, chic, and glamorous...everything that I was looking for in my home.

There were so many incredible pieces to choose from but two stood out to me were the Juliette Coffee Table and the Astor Velvet Dining Chair. They both added the subtle chic feeling I was searching for. 

The Juliette Coffee Table is so simple yet bold; I love the clear glass top and the gold design on the sides compliment the simple top. I was having a hard time finding a coffee table that was high enough to not look too tiny in a larger space and this was one of the few I found that was the exact size I was looking for. It was also insanely easy to put together, probably one of the easiest items I bought to put together.

Now, when it came to kitchen chairs I knew I couldn't go with pink because it would be too much with my pink couch. I wanted a pop of color because my cabinets and table are brown and the floor a light colored tile. I needed chairs that would go in the kitchen but compliment the rest of my home since the kitchen and living room are linked.

When I saw the Astor Velvet chairs, I was in love. The green velvet is so pretty, is enough of a neutral to go with the dark browns, and compliments the pink couch. I only bought two because that's all I could fit due to where the table is located, and they were incredibly easy to put together. They compliment my home perfectly and I'm obsessed with how the deep green looks. They're also very comfortable which is always an added bonus.

The two pieces from CosmoLiving that I have are high quality, easy to put together, and go very well together. The brand has a cohesive vibe that makes pairing them together very easy. There are so many incredible pieces from CosmoLiving and while my home is as complete as it's going to be for now, I'm keeping some items bookmarked for if and when I need something new. 

Below are my favorite pieces from CosmoLiving!

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