I can't believe we're in December and that 2023 is almost over. It feels like New Years was just yesterday, and it's scary how much the year has flown by. I'm not ready to reflect on 2023 just yet, and would rather look back at November and all the items I enjoyed. 

However, one of the reflections from 2023 is that I need to be an adult when it comes to my money so the spending has definitely taken a back seat in the past two weeks. I don't need as much stuff as I think I do...but, I'll continue talking about the stuff I love!

This month I 

Keurig K-Cafe SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker

When I moved into my apartment I bought a regular coffee pot because I wanted to wait to buy a Nespresso until Black Friday...however, I got sick of regular coffee quickly. I'm just not someone who enjoys regular coffee pot coffee and I want the morning ritual to feel more special. I started to think that I didn't want a Nespresso because I realized the coffee was too strong for me. The next best bet was a Keurig but I know the coffee can be weirdly watered down.

That is until I saw the Keurig K-Cafe SMART system on QVC and was enamored. This isn't your regular Keurig, it's an entire cafe system with a built in milk frother, barista mode to make fancy drinks, and you have the ability to customize your brew. You can choose the strength, the temperature, and the size of the drink. It makes me so incredibly happy and is the perfect solution to anyone looking for a customizable coffee system that is single serve, but has more to offer than your standard machine.  

Hotel Lobby Candles Winter Collection

Hotel Lobby Candles have been the reigning supreme of my heart for the past few years due to the aesthetic, the luxe packaging and of course, the scents. While I love all of the candles I've smelled and owned from the brand, I'm very partial to the winter scents. I think I just love all wintery candles in general, but there is something special about the Hotel Lobby Candle scents. This season, they've released a few new scents that I've been burning non stop, and then also they brought back the classics: Chalet, Cabin, and Holiday. 

The new two scents, that technically aren't in the 'holiday collection' but still have smokey, winter vibes are Lodge and Aspen. Lodge has been burning for a while and it's filled with notes of bourbon, vanilla, and sandalwood, while Aspen has notes of leather, ember, and cedar-wood.

I've burned Chalet & Cabin for the past two years but Holiday was a new scent for me and my goodness, it's Christmas in a candle. With notes of evergreen, pine and balsam, Holiday is what you think of when you think of a Christmas candle. If you have never tried Hotel Lobby, the winter scents are a great place to start. 

The amazing thing about Hotel Lobby Candles is that they have a cold throw, which means you're able to smell the scent without the candle burning. It makes your home feel cozy and warm when you walk through the door. 

Target Christmas Decor

This is so generic but I need to call it out; I decorated for Christmas the first week of November and it has been an utter joy all month long. When I lived with my mom, I always decorated my house and bedroom for the holidays but there is something special about having your own space to do as you please. I love my skinny Target Wondershop Christmas tree, my neutral ornaments (mixed with a few special ones) and all the Christmas decor around the house. It makes everything so festive and truly puts me in the best mood every single day. I bought everything from Target, aside from a few random pieces that were gifts. I'm going to be so sad to take everything down in January. 

Fireplace TV Stand

This has been a favorite since I moved into my apartment in July but it really was the star of November. I've always wanted a fireplace next to my Christmas tree (practicing fire safety of course) and the fact that I have a TV stand that has a fake fireplace, but gives off heat, is incredible. It makes the whole house cozy and warm, and adds to the ambiance of the holiday season. If you're in the market for a new TV stand or just a new piece of furniture, I cannot recommend a fake fireplace mantel enough. 

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