There are a few things that signal the beginning of fall: when pumpkin spice lattes return to Starbucks, the first crisp fall weather day in August or September, and the arrival of fall nail polish collections.

For the past few years, Olive & June has been hitting it out of the park with their fall collections. I think my favorite collection of theirs remains the 2020 collection where I bought the PSL Ombre Manicure kit. I still have most of those polishes in my collection today and always break them out when the cool weather hits.

This year's fall collection is no different; Olive & June have done it again! All of the shades scream cool, crisp weather with leaves falling around you and some apple picking adventures. The moment I saw the launch email in my inbox I purchased the entire collection (aside from one polish, It's Chilly! because I have too many cream shades and they're not my favorite)

It felt only right that the first polish I used from the collection is 'First PSL' which is described as a chrome pumpkin shade, and honestly nothing sounds better than that. The shade is currently sold out but hopefully it'll come back in stock soon or it might be available in-store at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens -- all which sell Olive & June.

Chrome polish is not something I've been super into, though I know lots of people are, but when it comes in pumpkin shades, I'm immediately intrigued. 

The color is just as beautiful on the nails as it is in the bottle; it went only smoothly and evenly, just like any other Olive & June polish I've reviewed in the past few years. Their formula is honestly unmatched and each time I crack open a new bottle I'm impressed. 

The chrome isn't so overpowering that you get too much reflectiveness while at the same time, the orange is just right enough that you don't feel like you're wearing bright orange nail polish. It's the perfect combination of pumpkin and lightness.

Because of the chrome finish, this polish did chip a little faster than usual but I was ok with that. My nail polish has been chipping a lot lately - a sure fire sign I need a professional manicure to get everything cleaned up - so I don't hold it against the polish.

As you could guess, First PSL is a new favorite and a unique shade to my collection as I usually go for something darker and on the pink/mauve side for the first fall manicure of the year. 

What color are you wearing to ring in fall?

PS: Olive & June released their Halloween shop last week, which I immediately purchased a ton from. Shop below for some spooky finds! 

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