We have come to our last installment of the OPI x Barbie collaboration manicure posts. I do not have any more polishes to review from this collection and Barbie is no longer my personality trait...that is, until September 5th when it arrives on streaming services and I can watch it once a day!

The final shade from the collection that I have in my possession is 'Every Night is Girl's Night' which is a beautiful, silver glitter shade. It reminds me so much of the party scene in the Barbie movie -- it really does scream 'girls night'.

I used this polish similarly to the other glitter shade from the collection, when my nails were not in the best shape and when I needed a manicure, fast. I didn't have time to wait for my nails to dry, or look perfect, I just needed something on them.

Enter "Every Night is Girl's Night". This is a chunky, silver glitter that has touches of blue, pink and other holographic colors. IT has a clear base, so you could definitely use this as a topper instead of it's own polish but it looks pretty cool on it's own.

This is definitely more a true glitter polish aka it was really hard to get off compared to "Best Day Ever" which felt more like a creme polish with glitter particles. 

Every Night is Girl's Night would be a great party polish, whether that's a birthday or New Year's Eve, it's like a disco ball on your nails and is very low maintenance when it comes to application and chipping. You don't notice a messy manicure when it's glitter filled.

All in all, I really loved this polish and I loved this collection! 

What's on your nails this Monday?

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