Happy July! We are halfway through summer and it's about the time I start counting down the days until fall. I won't get ahead of myself just yet because I feel like there's still a lot of fun things coming down the pipeline for the summer months... including me moving out!

This will hopefully be the last favorites post I write in my current room before moving into my own apartment. I'm trying to not focus on the fact that I will never live with just my sister and mom again (it's been only the 3 of us for almost 20 years) and focus more on the positives of living on my own and being able to truly have my own space. I am really excited!

June was a good month with lots of new product and some rediscovered ones I already owned. I know July will bring the same as I start my journey in solo living with new products to try and enjoy.

Let's get into it!

Drybar Final Call  Humidity and Static Control Spray

My hair started to frizz and be very static this month as the weather got more humid and I could not find anything to help with it. The frizz oils and sprays I had were not cutting it so when I stumbled upon this new release from Drybar, I was sold. Final Call Humidity and Static Control Spray is exactly what it sounds like; it immediately smooths out your hair and prevents frizz or static from coming back. The before and after is so impressive, I've never used anything like this before and it has quickly become a summer must have. However, you do have to be careful because if you spray too much, or spray too close to your scalp it'll make your hair a tad bit greasy. 

MERIT The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick

I've had this concealer/foundation stick from MERIT for a while and have always really enjoyed it but this month I started reaching for it more and I'm so happy with it. I've been using this as an everyday concealer, especially when I'm going to work and getting ready in the early morning, and it is so nice. It blends out beautifully, doesn't get cakey or weird throughout the day and adds an overall evenness to my complexion. I use this as a spot concealer as well as under my eyes but have yet to try it out as a full foundation. I use the shade Linen and it's a perfect match.

Oura Ring

I can't go too in depth with this favorite right now as it's been less than a month that I've had the Oura Ring but I'm addicted. I've been wanting an Oura Ring for a while but this past month I felt like I really needed it; my menstrual cycle has been all over the place, as well as my sleep and moods so I thought this would be a good time to get one. It's been very helpful in motivating me to move around, knowing when I should rest and looking at my sleep times. I'll do a full review soon!

What did you love this month?

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