My Current Luxury Wishlist

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 I am in a constant state of wanting material things; not a day goes by that I don't find something new to fawn over and dream about purchasing. There has to be a deeper, psychological reason for this behavior but right now, I'm just focused on not spending money on stuff I don't need.

Over the past few months I've tried to curb the appetite to spend money frivolously by creating wishlists of every item that comes across my screen and peaks my interest. I figured it would be fun to take a look inside my mind and the items I'm currently coveting. 

I might make this a series and share all different categories of items but today I want to talk about luxury goods because I am in my luxe girl era... but honestly, when am I not?

These items are what I've been dreaming about but I don't think I will get my hands on them any time soon, or ever. It's fun to imagine though, right?

Louis Vuitton Nice BB

I have never had the urge to covet one of these designer vanity cases but the past few months they're all I could think about. I've been taking notice of the Louis Vuitton Nice BBs in the background of my favorite influencers photos and videos, and I really want one to travel with and display on my dresser when I'm not using it.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Damier Ebene

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 was the first designer bag I ever had and I love it so much. I've been dying for the smaller one in the Damier Ebene print and I think I might make this my next purchase. They're relatively inexpensive on the preloved market and aside from my Neverfull, I don't have any Damier Ebene bags.

Celine Belt Bag

I've always wanted a Celine bag, first the micro luggage and now the belt bag. I think it would be so beautiful in a navy blue and would make a nice everyday bag. 

Saint Laurent Card Case

I have a black YSL card case but I've been yearning for another one in a different color. It's probably the best small leather good I have - it fits a ton, keeps its shape and looks incredibly elegant and chic. I would love one in beige or burgundy

Saint Laurent Cassandra Bag

This is the most elegant, sophisticated, stunning bag I've ever laid eyes on and she needs to be mine. I don't care what color or what size, I just need it in my possession. It looks like it fits a lot, would be perfect for day or night, casual or fancy - the possibilities are endless. 

Dior Sandal Slides

As we get into the warm weather seasons, I have my eye on these sandals again. Without fail, every summer I lust after them and I never get my hands them. I have heard they are very uncomfortable and I'm sure they're stupidly expensive but I think they're so cute and would look good with a lot of different outfits, especially for me who wears a lot of dark colors and neutrals even in the summer. 

Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany Mini Tote

When this collection from Tiffany & Co. was released, I think I screamed. It encapsulates everything I love about the brand, is so iconic and of course, different. It's something that I have thought about every day since it was released and I know I probably will never get my hands on it but it's nice to dream. However, I did buy the card case with a gift card I had for my birthday and that satisfied the itch.

Below are some other items I have my eye on - all from the pre-loved market!

PS: I created a new shop page on the blog that I'll update with new items every month and it includes a handbag page with a lot of pre-loved picks. 

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