This year was the year of matching pajamas for me and I owe that to TikTok. All the 'That Girls' were wearing matching pajamas this year and because I am easily influenced, I followed suit. I used to wear matching pajamas once upon a time but somewhere along the way I started wearing sweatshirts and baggy pants. 

Now, I am a 'that girl' and feel so incredibly luxe and put together whenever I slip into a matching set of PJs. I have a few pairs, mostly from Nordstrom, because those are my favorite I've tried so far.

On Thanksgiving, my sister made the suggestion that we get matching Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve night; my family used to do that when we were little - all the kids got matching pajamas and it was always so much fun to match with my cousins. I was very into the idea of bringing it back as an adult so we bought these buffalo plaid flannel ones from Old Navy and they're so nice.

It got me thinking... with the resurgence of matching pajamas on TikTok, I've noticed more and more companies releasing sets and especially a lot this holiday season. I figured I'd scour the internet and round up my favorites!

Holiday Pajamas to Buy

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