We're less than a week away from Christmas and it's way too late to buy gifts online...expect if you're shilling out your soul to Jeff Bezos and getting Prime Delivery from Amazon.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how Amazon has everything you could possibly need at a moment's notice and it's frightening but it comes in handy for when you need last minute gifts. 

This never happens to me but I'm shopping until the last minute; there are still a few smaller gifts I want to pick up and Amazon is the only way I'm going. I blame it on the fact that time is moving so fast for me and honestly, Christmas has snuck up on me even though I've been in the spirit since before Thanksgiving.

That being said, I've rounded up some great gift ideas from Amazon, that would be perfect for anyone on your list. To make things even better, all of the gifts are under $100. Let's get shopping!

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