I don't remember the last time I wrote a favorites blog post this late in the new month but better late than never! I needed a little blog break both before and after Disney but I'm back in the groove and ready to dive back in.

First up is getting the favorites squared away. I loved too many things this month - I tried so many new beauty products, Amazon finds, and everything in between. I've been shopping more than usual but I think I'm ready to take a step back and use what I have. I would love to live as a minimalist but I'm not sure if that is ever going to happen.

Let me not ramble about all the shopping stuff and get into the items I loved this past month! 

Merit Brow Pomade

I discovered this brow product last year when Merit sent me a bunch of PR and I fell in love. I'm on my second tube and it's hands down my favorite brow product of all time. It's a volumizing pomade gel so you get the best of multiple products in one. It adds color, hold, control and a bit of volume. My brows are already thick so I don't need much additional shape but it's nice to have some volume and color.

If you need an everyday brow product that is not messy, easy to use and looks beautiful, I cannot recommend the 1980 Brow Pomade from Merit enough.

Stephanie Gottlieb Bubble Name Necklace

For years I have lusted after the Stephanie Gottlieb Bubble Necklace whenever I saw it. It's all over my favorite influencers, on Stephanie's social media, and even in my real life. I had a name plate when i was younger but this one feels more sophisticated and trendy, while also being a classic. I also wanted to have a delicate, small necklace I could wear all day, every day. 

Finally, last year, after her Black Friday sale I decided that this would be the year I was going to buy the necklace as a gift to myself for my birthday. Stephanie Gottlieb's Black Friday sale happened in September and my necklace came a few weeks later. I have not taken it off since receiving it. It's definitely smaller than I expected but I think I like it better that way because I don't feel it on my neck and it goes with everything.

Stephanie Gottlieb has beautiful jewelry, expensive beautiful jewelry, but if you could get something on sale I highly recommend her personalized pieces. 

Kate Spade Leopard iPhone Case

This is such a random favorite but I can't help it, I love this case! I recently got the iPhone 13 Pro Max and needed a new phone case so I turned to Kate Spade. I have been buying my phone cases from Etsy and Caseify for the past few years because Kate Spade just wasn't doing it for me but now that the brand is getting back to it's roots, I'm back in. I also used to be the type of person who switched their case with their outfit but I'm not like that anymore. Phones are always changing and I like to keep my collection small to save space in my life and in my wallet.

This mauve, pink leopard phone case is fun and bold while also being a little understated and not too childish. It goes with everything and just looks so cute. It's a hard case with some flexibility so it protects your phone without being too rigid. 

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

This is another random favorite but it has to be mentioned. Somewhere along the way, I needed to start curling my lashes before applying mascara. Before curling my lashes, I was no longer achieving full length and volume and the mascara was getting clumpy. After, however, my mascara goes on smoother and more even while giving me volume, curl and length. Last year I switched to the cult-classic Shiseido Eyelash Curler and I'm never looking back. I don't even know how to describe what makes a good lash curler so bare with me... it's strong and powerful but also gentle. It gives the most even, natural curl which lasts all day. It's a must-have for everyone! 

What did you love this month?

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