We have slipped into a deep winter in New York over the past few weeks and I am fully in winter/hygge mode. I feel like I wasn't super into fall this year, at least as much as I've been in the past but I am going all in on Christmas and winter.

As I've also previously mentioned, I am in my fragrance era and my favorite type of favorite is a warm, musky scent that makes me feel like I'm staying in a ski chalet. This is the best time of year to explore new scents in that musk family and I have been on a buying rampage. 

There are two that are not new to me this year, and they're the Replica fragrances but the other three are new and I love them. 

Autumn Vibes by Replica

I discovered Autumn Vibes two years ago when Replica released it and it has been one of my all time favorites ever since. It is the ideal scent to wear from September until February thanks to the warm, woody notes of red berries, cardamom, cedar-wood and moss. It's like walking outside on a crisp, fall day and it makes me feel so warm and cozy but has a note of sweetness to it as well. It's very unique and wonderful.

By the Fireplace by Replica

By the Fireplace has become a classic cold weather scent for a lot of people and with good reason; it smells like the most delectable fireplace you have ever smelled. It feels like a snow day spent by a crackling fire; clove oil, chestnut and vanilla accord. It's smoky, rich but wearable enough for everyday. I'm obsessed. 

Prada Paradoxe

This new scent from Prada has been everywhere this year and with good reason; between the scent and the bottle design, there are few things not to love about this fragrance. I was gifted this from Sephora for a campaign a few months ago and I am addicted. I cannot stop wearing this - it's perfect for day and night, at home or a day on the town. It is described as a warm floral and that is pretty spot on; there's not a ton of musk but that warmth and sexiness that it has really makes it ideal for the cold weather. There is a note of white musk as well as white amber and neroli bud and everything mixes together very beautifully. 

AERIN Amber Musk

This is a new to me scent and brand and I'm in heaven already. AERIN is a neighbor brand to Estée Lauder and they specialize in fragrance. I decided to pick up the Amber Musk scent since it sounded perfect for this time of year, and it is. I would say it could be the younger sister to By the Fireplace because it has that smokiness but a touch of floral and sweetness. It has notes of coconut water, rose and musk which combine beautifully for that warm and sweet scent.

YSL Libre

I've never owned a YSL fragrance and with so many options, it was a little overwhelming to choose. However, when I smelled Libre while shopping in-store at Sephora, I was sold. It is similar to the AERIN Amber Musk when it comes to the floral notes like orange and lavender but it's cut with saffron so it has that warmth to it. To me, Libre feels more of a nighttime or occasion scent because of the orange but it's truly beautiful and one of my new favorites.

What are your favorite scents to wear during the cold weather months?

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