I've never been the hosting kind but it's something that I always thought I'd like to do. I think it's so special to plan a gathering for your friends with great food, good drinks, and a little activity. I like inviting people into my home, serving them, and honestly like seeing how happy and comfortable they are.

Last year was the first time I hosted a fall girls' night and it was so much fun. I decided to make it an annual thing and this year it was Hocus Pocus 2-themed. We ended up not watching the movie (I did not enjoy it at all) but it was a really fun night with good food, good drinks, and good friends. 

I wanted to highlight the party on my blog and show off my wicked party-planning skills and help you plan your own! 

The Invite

This year I decided to be a little extra and send e-vites out to my friends and I created the most adorable cauldron invite. I could've just thrown everyone in a group chat (and I did, afterward) but it was more fun this way.

The Decor

I naturally have a lot of fall and Halloween decor  but needed a few more pieces to complete the look. I ordered a table cloth and stringed lights from Target, bought cups from The Dollar Tree and to top it all off, Home Depot sent me a Holiday package that had a few different Halloween and Christmas decorations. The Halloween piece was a life size Skelton that was honestly really scary but made for a great prop. 

I lit a few candles, turned the twinkle lights on and we were set! 

The Goodie Bags

My love language for showing love is definitely gift giving and I love to give my friends little treats whenever I can. Last year I had the idea to put together goodie bags filled with Halloween socks, pens and post its and they were a huge hit. I did something similar this year and it was so much fun to plan for. I picked up the Too Cool for School Pumpkin Face Masks and Apple Cinnamon Hand Cream to be the main event, picked up some candy, and used these Target goodie bags to bring everything together. They looked so cute and my friends loved them. 

The Food

I love the idea of presenting a huge spread to your guests so I figured I'd do a few different things for appetizers and dessert. For dinner, we just ordered pizza and it was a huge hit because well, who doesn't like pizza?

From Trader Joes, I picked up Parmesan Pastry Puff and Mac and Cheese Bites for regular appetizers and then made a huge charcuterie board all with Trader Joes' items. For cheese I had Brie, Cheddar and Gruy√®re and Smoked Gouda; I had water crackers, cheese breadsticks, raisin and rosemary crisps, and cheese wisps. I complemented that with prosciutto, pepperoni, grapes, apples and a little honey. 

Dessert was from Trader Joes' as well: frozen Apple Tart, Pumpkin Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It was too much, of course, and I ended up eating apple tarts and cookies all week long! 

The Drinks

This is where the fun comes in. Last year we decided to recreate the TikTok trend of everyone making a drink and presenting it to the group in fun, matching glasses. It was a huge hit and we tried so many different, delicious drinks we decided we had to do it again. 

I made an Apple Cider Margarita and it was so delicious; we also had Apple Cider Mimosas, Pumpkin Spice White Russians and an Apple Cider Fireball drink. They were all so great and really gave the night an extra kick.

If you want to see the entire planning process, I posted a Youtube video about it! 

Are you having a Halloween party this year?

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