Happy Friday! This was another very long week but I have a long weekend ahead as I'm off from work today. Tomorrow, I'm having a little Hocus Pocus 2 viewing party for my friends and I'm really excited. I'll feature it on the blog next week so you can see everything I put together for a Halloween party.

I can't believe September is over - it went by very slow but it feels like the year has just flown. It's so crazy how time goes by so fast.

I meant to post my September favorites this week but ended up not finishing the blog post in time so I'll post it next week. I want to head into October with a clean slate and some fresh goals, but it seems that I am a victim of my own worst behavior. We'll see if I can get my act together in the last few weeks of my 20s. 

I'll shut up now and get right into the wrap up.

Pink Positivity of the Week

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City came back to Bravo this week and honestly it was the highlight for me. I love my Salt Lake Snow Bunnies and I'm so excited to be back in Utah with them! It's going to be a great season.

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