Lip products are some of the easiest products to buy and try. They are very low risk in terms of commitment because you can remove it easily, without removing any other makeup. It's not the same as trying eyeshadow, foundation or concealer - you pretty much know if a lipstick is going to work for you based on just looking at it.

A lip product even more low risk than a lipstick or gloss is a balm... or, in 2022, a lip oil. 

Lip oils have been trending for quite some time now, thanks to the minimal makeup movement and the rise of skincare. They're different than a balm because they're usually liquid vs a stick balm and they're less flashy than a gloss. Lip oils usually give a touch of color, a lot of shine and lots of good benefits, from hyaluronic acid for hydration or vitamins to nourish and heal.

Lip oils are usually very thin but pack a punch when it comes to ingredients and benefits. They are the epitome of a clean girl/that girl aesthetic and everyone is jumping on the train now.  I've been a little obsessed with lip oils and have been trying a lot of different ones... these are my favorite.

Dior Lip Addict 

This is the lip oil that started it all. It went viral on TikTok a while ago and every shade has been sold out forever. Everyone and their mother was talking about these and with good reason. The doe-foot applicator is huge, the formula is tacky enough to feel like it's staying put but glossy and hydrating enough to have it make a statement and be useful. 

This is the lip product I wear when I don't know what to wear. It goes with everything and looks spectacular on the lips. I have the shades Pink and Rosewood, both stunning and both a staple in my beauty routine. It's one of the most luxurious lip products I've ever tried because it adds a bit of color, lots of shine and feels nourishing without being goopy or sticky. 

I cannot recommend this enough. 

Kylie Skin Lip Oil

Kylie Skin hasn't been a hit for me but everyone was talking about the lip oil and I needed to try it out. This is a lighter lip oil than the Dior yet has a similar applicator which is nice. I only have the Kylie lip oil in clear and like to use this more for no makeup days or nighttime treatments. It feels oddly cooling on the lips, slippery, but not sticky and very hydrating. I was shocked when I applied it for the first time, it was surprising how nice it feels on the lips. 

It doesn't add a ton of shine and I use it almost like a chapstick. It's really wonderful!  

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment

I don't remember the last time I was this excited about a beauty brand but when Hailey Bieber announced the creation of Rhode Skin, I was over the moon. We knew this beauty brand was coming because of the trademark filed years ago and Hailey positioning herself as the glazed donut queen. When it launched I picked up the glazing fluid and the peptide lip treatment in salted caramel. While this is a lip treatment, I'm counting it as a lip oil because it has that same texture, slippery, hydrating but not sticky. It isn't as glossy as the other lip oils but it does feel more hydrating.

As someone who is allergic to a lot of beauty products, this one doesn't give me any sort of reaction and that's surprising since it is scented. The fragrance is extremely slight and barely noticeable. This is the perfect daily lip treatment when you need something very slight without being overly glossy or oily. 

Merit Beauty Shade Slick Lip Oil 

The Merit Beauty Lip Oil is the most pigmented lip oil out of these and act more like a gloss than an oil in terms of wear. It is not as oily but just as hydrating as the others, while also providing an opaque touch of color. I love the shade 'Taupe' to throw on when I don't know what else to wear but don't want something too sticky or glossy, but want some color. It's a mix of the Dior and Kylie skin because it's just as hydrating as the Kylie & lightweight but gives a bit of color like the Dior and isn't as sticky. It's a great daily lip color if you're not feeling a full lipstick or don't want a gloss. 

Have you gotten in on the lip oil trend yet? What is your favorite?
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