Happy Friday! This was a really long week, the longest in a while and I'm glad it's over. I feel really in the groove with my job and honestly, it feels like I've been here forever versus only 4 weeks. It feels like fate, like I was always supposed to be here. It's a really fantastic feeling. 

In the same breath, I need to get better at balance. I'm used to experiencing change; change is my middle name but it's been hard to adjust to working really hard five days a week, commuting into the city two days, and just trying to figure everything out. I need to get on a totally new schedule and be more disciplined if I don't want my career to be the only thing about me. 

It's something I haven't had to think of in a long time and it's tough. 

In other news, I'm headed upstate this weekend for a friend's wedding and I'm excited for a little day trip along with seeing my friends and celebrating love. It's going to be wonderful. 

This weekend kicks off a three-weekend wedding celebration; next weekend I have another wedding and then the week after I have a bridal shower. It's busy and before we know it, it'll be the fall season. 

Enough talking, let's get into the wrap-up.

Pink Positivity of the Week

One of my highlights of the week and the past few weeks has been going into the city. It's really nice to only go in twice a week and I take the express bus so it's a calm, cool and relaxing commute. I also work in a beautiful area and it's such a delight. I love it.

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