Happy Friday! It was my first full week at my new job and wow, it was a lot! And I say that in a good way. I'm getting in the groove of working and understanding all of my responsibilities while also jumping head first into tasks. It's really exciting, I'm learning so much and I realize every day that this is exactly what I wanted.

That doesn't mean it's not tough to get back into a routine where I'm new, while also juggling going into the office consistently twice a week, and actually doing work. Being new at a job is hard, mostly mentally, because I get hard on myself. That might be a post for another day but all in all, I'm exhausted.

The next few weekends are filled with weddings and bridal showers so it'll be busy but then I can chill out, and before we know it, it'll be September and the fall season will be in full swing. I can hardly wait! 

Enough rambling, let's dive head first into the roundup!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I have to say that this was an incredible pop culture week:

  • The Kardashians Season 2 is premiering on Hulu in SEPTEMBER!!!!
  • The Emmy nominations came out and all my favorite shows of the past year were nominated
  • Jen Shah plead guilty just when her trial was supposed to start
  • Matt Bomber and Johnathan Bailey are going to play lovers in a new showtime show
  • Kim Kardashian posted more photos with Pete Davidson 
  • Lea Michele is going to be FANNY BRICE IN FUNNY GIRL ON BROADWAY
It was just incredible all around and nothing makes me happier.

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