How are we in the last week of July? How is it almost August? How is half the year already over? Time is flying and I think this might be the quickest a year has gone in a while. I would be lying if I said I wasn't pumped for the summer to be over but what else is new? That is my attitude every year and especially coming off a heat wave in New York last week, I am ready for sweater weather.

July was pretty good to me though; I started to feel in the groove of my new job, saw friends and family, and stayed inside with air conditioning... kidding but also not. August will be pretty similar but a little slower so I can try to get my life together. 

I did a lot of shopping in July and loved so many things but these were at the top of my list! 

Nod Pod Blanket

I received this blanket in PR a while ago and have used it on and off since, but this month it came in handy. I love a weighted blanket but in the summer heat, it's just not feasible. Enter the NodPod Body. It's basically a mini-weighted blanket that doesn't cover your entire body but can just be placed on a small area of your body to give you the same effect. Whenever I can't sleep or am really anxious, I lay this on my chest, put my regular comforter on top and drift off to sleep. It gives you the weighted blanket feel without all the extra material and is just ideal. I can't get enough of this and cannot recommend it enough.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

An oldie but a goodie... I will never understand why so many people hate this bag. It is a classic for a reason! I don't care if everyone has them, they are the best work bag. After so much back and forth on what kind of work bag was good for taking my laptop and necessities back and forth to the office I decided that there is nothing quite like a Neverfull. It fits everything I need, is the most comfortable and causes the least pain, and looks chic. I will never try to buy another work bag ever again, it's pointless. 

Old Navy Black Dress

I am not a dress person. I hate wearing dresses and really the only time I do is when I need to attend a wedding. I am not the person who is wearing dresses to bridal showers, to casual get together, or to work. Until now... I felt like I needed more summer clothes and decided to try Old Navy. I had such luck which I should probably do a separate post but I discovered this dress and fell in love. It's long, flowy, comfortable, can be dressed up or down and I don't need to wear Spanx underneath. It doesn't make me look too big and is just perfect. I wore it to work during the heat wave and was stunned at how comfortable I was. If you hate dresses, I think you might love this one!

Victoria Secrets Pajamas 

I have a confession: I am back in on Victoria's Secrets. We know they've been problematic in the past but I really do think they are trying and attempting to take back what is theirs. I am very loyal to my Skims bra but this month it started to feel uncomfortable so I tried out Victoria's Secrets. It was a successful shopping trip but the stand-out item were these pajamas. I've been obsessed with matching pajamas and needed one with short sleeves; they are so soft, so comfortable, and breathable. I never want to take them off!

What were you favorites of July?

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