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I am someone who will do anything to feel better, make my life easier, or just try something new and innovative. That's why I respond so well to all the new products that the wellness industry releases. I'm big on anything minimally invasive and will help me feel my best. 

Enter The Patch Brand.

*Full disclosure, the brand sent me the entire line to try a few months ago and I've been wearing and testing them since then and wanted to wait until I tried them all, multiple times, to put together a brand buzz review. This post isn't sponsored but I received the items for free!

I've tried wellness patches before and I think they are the best, easiest, and most carefree way to add a little self-care into your life. All you do is slap the patch onto your skin and let it do its job at making you feel better.

The Patch Brand has five different wellness patches, all targeting different areas:

  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Immunity
  • Sleep
  • Stress

You might be wondering why you need a patch for these issues when you can just take a vitamin or supplement and you definitely can (and I do!) but sometimes I just want something that is going to work really fast. The Patch Brand also doesn't put any extra ingredients into their patches the way some vitamins are made up so it's just a little easier to apply the patch.

Each patch is fit with the proper vitamins and minerals to help each issue:


These are probably my favorite patches because I always find it so difficult to focus during the day when I need to work or get something productive done. It's infused with minerals such as Gingko Biloba, Magnesium, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine to help give the brain a boost and allow you to focus. 

The first time I used this I thought I was going a bit nuts because I did feel like I was able to relax a bit more in terms of getting tasks completed and not feel so distracted. 

*I know it could be a placebo effect but even so, it helped me!


This is a very unique patch as I haven't seen it from any other brand. The patch is infused with Vitamin C and Zinc to build up immunity and give your system the boost it needs. I compare this to taking a specific Vitamin C-centered gummy or drinking Emergen-C in the morning. It's nice knowing that I can do something to prevent a cold, which I have been getting monthly at this point, without much fuss.


I forever need an energy boost so when I feel like I'm dragging through the day so the fact that I don't need to guzzle the 4th cup of coffee with this patch is a miracle. This patch has caffeine, green tea, and a mix of B Vitamins to really give your body the kick it needs when things are feeling a little cloudy. I definitely notice that I have a smidge more energy, which helps me focus more when I choose this patch out of the bunch.


I've been testing sleep patches longer than anything else on this list and I have to say, I think this is my favorite brand of the patch. Melatonin pills & gummies have always made me really groggy and gross in the morning so I like the idea of being able to wear a patch to lull me to sleep, without any weird side effects in the AM. Of course, one of the ingredients in this patch is Melatonin along with Valerian Root, Passionflower, and Hops. 

Stress Relief

Stress Relief is probably my most used patch which shouldn't be surprising because I am an anxious mess all the time. It's similar to the sleep patch in terms of ingredients because it has Valerian Root, Hops, and Passionflower. The exclusion of Melatonin makes sense since you need to be in a calm state to rest and this definitely makes me calm.

Whenever I am feeling slightly moody or overly stressed about something, I apply one of these patches and within 15-30 minutes I start to come back down to earth and it's wonderful. I don't use these as a substitute during high anxiety or panic attacks but more when there's just a heightened sense of stress surrounding me. 

How does this brand compare to other wellness patches? 

The value of The Patch Brand is outrageous! For $12 you get 15 patches compared to other brands where you pay $16+ for only 4 patches. 

Also, I find that The Patch Brand has a better quality patch; it doesn't leave residue on my skin after removing, plus it is so much easier to remove! It doesn't hurt nor does it pull the hairs off my arm. It's also a smaller patch in terms of size.

I recommend looking over the website and seeing which patch matches up with what problem you're looking to solve in your life. 

Wellness is an interesting industry and I'm excited to see what brands think of next! Would you want to try The Patch Brand? Which patch intrigues you the most?

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