Eczema is a bitch and she is my biggest problem. All the skin on my body, aside from my face, has been an itchy, scaly, horrible mess for months and nothing has been working. I've tried every cream, every oil, every tip, and trick... even medication lotion from my dermatologist and nothing works. Everything makes it worse!

Until now...

During the winter months, I got sent a beautiful PR package from Josie Maran that contained their new body butter. I've used Josie Maran products in the past and really loved them - her body butter is some of the best in the industry because of its rich, luxurious, thick texture along and the hydration is top-notch. 

What Is Intensive Daily Repair? 

This body butter was a new one for the brand: the Intensive Daily Repair Body Butter is part of Josie's new Argan Apothecary line that is safe for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, and ideal for eczema-prone skin. Josie is known for Argan oil but is also known for the delectable, delicious scents of her body products. Having this be fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, and formulated specifically for eczema skin is ideal and makes a huge difference. 

What's Inside The Body Butter

This body butter is formulated with the brand's signature Argan oil, aloe leaf juice, and of course, colloidal oatmeal which is perfect for eczema-prone skin. What's NOT in the body butter is fragrance, petroleum, and steroids, all of which I've found irritate my skin to no end. It's very nourishing, calming, and leaves my skin incredibly hydrated. 

Why Is It So Good? 

Intensive Daily Repair Body Butter is one of the thickest, most luxurious, and indulgent body butter I've ever used. It instantly made my skin feel hydrated without any itchiness or irritation left behind. Whenever I apply body lotion to my skin after a shower (even if I haven't shaved) I immediately get itchy legs and scratch until I bleed. This body butter is the only product that doesn't do that to my body, my legs especially. 

The reason for this is because it's a plant-based lotion and provides relief of irritation because of dry skin - it's literally formulated to repair the skin while restoring it to a calm, protected state, due to the colloidal oatmeal and argan oil. 

Josie Maran designed this body butter to specifically heal skin and bring it back to normal and that is exactly what it does; after a few uses, my skin felt calm again. It was hydrated, relieved, and healed; I didn't scratch or even feel the need so my skin stayed scab free (I literally scratch my skin until it bleeds). 

I went through this body butter pretty quickly, maybe a month or so but I did not care. It is the best lotion I have ever used! If you struggle with your skin and have a hard time finding a hydrator that doesn't irritate and truly repairs and restores your skin, you need to pick up the Intensive Daily Repair Body Butter by Josie Maran. It is officially a holy grail for us eczema gals!


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