I have a confession: I have not been into nail polish for the past month or so. I don't know if it's because I'm tired of my nail polish collection or because I have been having some trouble with keeping polish on my nails. 

for the past few weeks, I've caught myself applying polish, hating how it felt and looked on my hands, and then removing it immediately. Nail polish just hasn't felt natural to me recently. Pair that with the fact that I am not excited by the colors in my collection; I haven't been into pinks or purples or blues or greens... I kind of just wish I could throw on a black or dark brown polish and I guess I could but it feels so wrong for summer. 

A lot of my collection is pink... and the shades feel very similar. While I love pink, I like a range of colors when it comes to my nail polish though I am still not feeling a lot of blues and greens this summer like I have in the past.

Well, I painted my nails on Saturday for the first time in over a week and finally felt content with the color.

I purchased Olive & June's 'CS' back in April and this was the first time I was using it. CS is described as a coral peach but it isn't neon, it's much more muted which makes it very wearable. The color isn't too orange, or too pink... it is a true perfect peach and I love it so much.

CS went on very smoothly and dried down nicely too; it didn't clump, bleed or skip and I think the key was using Olive & June base and top coats along with it. I used the Nail Strengthener and Glossy Top Coat which allowed for a smooth, even base and a glossy finish. 

I love the CS color so much and feel as if it's pulled me out of my polish slump; not too pink, very neutral, and not a crazy neon summer color! 

Olive & June released their Camp collection and I have my eye on a few of the colors, as well as some Essie shades that I need to restock. All of them are linked below!

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