As I mentioned in my previous Manicure Monday post I have been having some difficulty finding my groove with summer colors. Usually, by the time spring comes around I am ready for something light and airy but this year I just haven't been into the light-colored polishes. 

It might sound weird to post favorite summer polishes when I have stated that I don't know what colors to wear but I think it actually helped me figure out which colors I'm into nowadays. My entire vibe has been more classic and minimal lately so long gone are the days of bright green and neon pink nails that I used to go for; I'm much happier wearing a neutral nude on my nails all year round, though I did have the distinct desire to paint my nails black last week so we'll see...

I feel like I'm rambling so I'll get to the point; below are some of my favorite colors to wear during the summer months, from Essie to Olive & June, I simply can't get enough! 

Full disclaimer: I've done multiple versions of this post before so some colors are probably repeated, especially the Essie ones but I can't help it, they are classics! 


Bikini So Teeny: There is nothing better than a Bikini So Teeny manicure; it's the perfect periwinkle blue and one of my top 5 all-time favorite nail polish colors. My first post featuring Bikini So Teeny was back in 2013 and my most recent was in 2018

Pret-A-Surfer: This dark blue shade can probably be worn all year round but there is something about it that screams 'summer shade' to me. The blue is so beachy and it puts me in the best mood! The first mention was in 2015 and the most recent in 2018.

In The Cab-ana: If Bikini & Pret had a baby, I think it would be In the Cab-ana. It is the most beautiful, awe-striking aqua color that looks like crystal, clear, blue water. It's the ideal beach shade and I feel would be universally flattering! The first *and really only post* about this shade was shared in 2013.

Throw in the Towel: I just put this coral pink shade on my toes last week and fell in love with it all over again. It's a true mix between coral, peach, and pink without being overly neon so it's very wearable. When I think of a pink summer nail polish color, it's Throw In The Towel. The first and only mention of this shade on the blog was in 2020

Olive & June

You're Invited: This is the color that sparked the idea for this post since it reinvigorated my summer color love. Read the full manicure Monday post here from a few weeks ago

SCL: Named after my favorite brand ever, SCL is a bubblegum pink that is nearly perfect. It's not too light or too dark, too sheer or too neon - it's the ideal pink color which makes it perfect for summer

Rosy Tips: I would describe Rosy Tips color as SCL's younger sister who has more personality - it's much brighter than SCL but still has that true pink nature without being overly neon. 

Fierce & Loving: This beautiful lilac shade is a must this summer and it's a polish I've had in my collection for a while now. I did a manicure Monday post last summer and really loved the shade in person. 

Shop below for more summer shades that I love!

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