Lavender has always been a scent I was drawn to, maybe because it is centered around the idea of being calm and I am always chasing that feeling. I feel as if I surround myself with calming entities then I in turn will be calm as well.

The scent of lavender is very calming to me, though. It centers and grounds me, even when I'm not feeling particularly nervy. I always have a vial of lavender oil stashed on me, whether I'm traveling or just laying in bed... it might be a placebo effect but it truly does so much for calming me down when I'm having a bad moment.

Lavender does more than just calm you down; when used in skincare and other beauty products it helps reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin and prevent and treat acne. It makes sense, doesn't it? That lavender would calm your skin down the way it calms your nerves.

The natural occurring ingredient has been having a moment; it has always been used in 'wellness' products but now it's being used more and more in your favorite beauty products thanks to its intense benefits. Lavender will most notably show up in skincare products that help acne-prone skin or even skin tone. 

I've collected some of my favorite, and some of the most well-known, highly coveted beauty products that have lavender as a key ingredient. 

A few key callouts:

  • Kylie Skin just launched their lavender collection and I am dying to try out the body oil and lotion.
  • I've used and loved the Mario Badescu lavender facial spray, it's so refreshing and nice!
  • Perfect Zen is a collection by Soap & Glory (the brand I run social media for as my day job) and it is truly a heaven-sent, no pun intended. One of our claims is that the scent is scientifically proven to help prep you for sleep and I think the body souffle and warming body scrub are my favorites! 

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