This week didn't turn out as I expected: it started out great with working from the office but things took a turn when I had a family health emergency. It really threw us all for a loop and we're still dealing with it. Please just keep my family in your prayers, we need them.

All that said, I'm remaining optimistic and trying to find some sort of routine amidst the chaos. Being back in the office was actually pretty seamless; it was really nice to wake up early, get into Manhattan, and have meetings in person. I definitely need to work on focusing in the office versus talking to everyone because I barely got any work done... all in due time I guess.

Now, I'm just trying to stay positive, optimistic, and focused on myself, my family, and my goals. This weekend I'm planning to veg out and chill because for the next few weekends I'll be really busy. I'm really looking forward to the relaxation and also the fun, exciting celebrations coming up.

Let's get into the wrap-up!

Pink Positivity of the Week

It's hard to find the positive amongst so much darkness but honestly, being back in Manhattan and in the office was better than I expected. I can't believe how seamless the transition has been, it's pretty wild and I wasn't expecting to enjoy the office life again.

Links I Loved

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    I continuously fail at not shopping. I honestly don't know what to do at this point...

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