March was a bit of a slow month for me as well as one that was ultimately confusing. It was a bit of a mental health struggle, as it has been for a while, and it came to a head in March. I was confused, flustered, overwhelmed, scared, and filled with a ton of physical anxiety. Truthfully, most of it was probably because of a mix of hormones, getting word we had to go back to the office, and preparing for my Nashville trip.

I've been super vague about my struggles lately but will tell the full story in dual time. In March, I also did a ton more shopping than in the past two months of 2022 so there are a ton of new favorites. I will try not to babble too much longer so we can get to all my favorites. 

Amazon Jewelry Box

I've been pretty overwhelmed with my jewelry storage for the past few months and it finally annoyed me enough this month to buy a jewelry box. I was going to opt for a more expensive one but after looking through Amazon I found one that suited my needs and oh wow, I'm obsessed. It's the perfect size, not too small or too large and fits pretty much everything I need. It makes putting on my jewelry an enjoyable experience and I feel slightly more put together than before. 

Abercrombie Polo Sweatshirts

For the past two months, I've grown sick of all my clothing, especially my loungewear which consisted mostly of oversized graphic sweatshirts. I wanted something more elevated, form-fitting but still comfortable. Enter these Abercrombie Polo Sweatshirts. I bought one in beige and wore it for a week straight so I needed to order the black too. They are so cozy, fit perfectly though still with a slightly oversized fit, and are cropped so they are slightly trendy. One thing I appreciate is that even though these are polo collar, it doesn't feel too tight around the neck or like I'm choking, which some sweatshirts can make me feel that way.

Stoney Clover Lane Mini Duffle 

Is this cheating since I only used the duffle four days out of the month? I got this duffle for my birthday in the Flamingo shade and I love how much smaller the mini is versus the full size which I have as well. I used the duffle as my personal item while traveling to Nashville and it was such a pleasure to carry something that is larger than my Dior Book Tote, has a shoulder strap and zippers. It's the perfect travel companion and I fit so much stuff in it. The mini duffle is definitely where it's at. 

Makeup by Mario Lip Plumping Serum

I cannot stop buying lip products and I really should because I have hardly worn anything but this. I was skeptical of Makeup by Mario's beauty line because even though he is a top makeup artist, I wasn't sure if it was good quality but I should've known better. These lip serums are unlike anything I've ever used. They are buttery, smooth, glossy, and opaque but not sticky. They have a tingly plumping effect and they make my lips look like I've had tasteful filler done. I have the shade Mauve Glow which is a great natural neutral shade for my lips. I need more shades of this ASAP and will probably buy at least one during the Sephora sale tomorrow! 

Nordstrom Matching Pajamas 

Similar to the Amazon jewelry box, matching pajamas are something I've been wanting for a while but have been putting off buying but I finally did, just to feel something. Well, I know what everyone is talking about now when they say matching pajamas really ups the anty. These pajamas are so comfortable, look really cute and flattering, and are just perfect for making me feel a little luxurious. I bought the blue pair as well and now I don't think I will ever go back to nonmatching pajamas. They make sleep more enjoyable and a true luxury.

What did you love this month?

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