It was years ago that I posted my first review of the Essie Expressie line of polish. It was released in 2019 and I bought two shades to try out. The idea of Essie Expressie is that it's a quick dry polish that you can take with you on the go. The brush is just as thick as a regular Essie polish but with a little bit of an angle so that you can have a little more control while applying nail polish somewhere other than a flat surface. 

Back in 2019 when I first posted the Manicure Monday, I gave the polish a glowing review but after trying another shade, I was not into the formula. I found it very messy and almost unuseable; the polish chipped easily, the shades I had were dark so it got all over my cuticles and nail beds.

After a few uses, I was unimpressed and threw the polish out. In general, I'm a little over Essie because I haven't found anything to love in their new collections and Olive & June is a better formula but that's not why we're here today.

Essie continues to release new Expressie collections so clearly someone was enjoying them. The new collections and shades were gorgeous and always stopped me in my tracks because I needed the polish color. However, I controlled myself and didn't buy a new shade because why I would buy something that didn't perform well? 

I resisted until I started thinking, maybe Essie changed the formula, maybe I need to try a lighter color, maybe my tastes and opinions have changed. *I also didn't remember writing such a glowing review three years ago*.

Anyways, I decided to pick up the shade "Trend and Snap" which is a gorgeous mauve, pink with flecks of glitter. I didn't have anything like this in my collection and it was light enough (and different enough) from the other Expressie polishes that I would be able to get a better gauge.

Well, I was correct. The lighter shades of Expressie are 10x better than the dark ones. I love this polish and this shade so much! I will say that the chipping was very quick with this, like 24 hours quick, but it might be that my nails are just not in great shape at the moment. 

I did use a base and top coat for this manicure so I don't know how it would perform without it but it's also very rare that I do my nails 'on the go' like Expressie advertises. The formula was a dream, it went on smoothly with no patchiness or bleeding onto the surrounding nail area. It dried very quickly which is the entire point of this line so I was very happy. I didn't notice any smudging or chipping right after polishing which does happen sometimes if I'm not careful.

Like I said above, the chipping was pretty bad after 24 hours but I wouldn't write the polish off just because of that. I love the color, it's so beautiful on the nails and is the perfect 'I don't know what I want on my nails today' shade which is how I've been feeling lately. 

I would definitely repurchase another lighter shade and maybe even when the fall comes, I'll give a darker shade another go. 

If you're a nail junkie and love trying new colors and formulas, I recommend Essie Expressie. If you're someone who is always on the go and wants a quick dry, easy to apply polish then I definitely recommend Essie Expressie.

I'm so happy that I tried this formula again and can't wait to get my hands on another shade.


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