My heart is super heavy for the world. I don't know how much more we as a world can take, how much more humanity can take. We have been through too much the past few years, more than anyone should have to endure and it can't be good for any of us. 

My heart is with all the Ukrainian people, both in Ukraine and those all around the world who are scared for their loved ones. I just don't have the words to explain how I feel; I am almost numb to the news which is not where I ever imagined myself getting. 

Then, on the flip side, you have the horrific stuff coming out of Texas with their disgusting attack on trans children. I'm just tired and while I'm not part of any of these groups being attacked, I am just so sad. 

That was a really heavy way to start the blog post and wrap up the week but it's just where I'm at. Let's get into the wrap-up.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I finally saw my psychiatrist this week and changed my anxiety medication... and I'm already feeling better. I've been dealing with daily panic attacks, waking up and going to sleep anxious, and just an overwhelming panic on a daily basis. I already feel better about the new medicine and I'm so thankful for modern science.

Links I Loved

  • I'm very into the regency trend right now
  • Skincare to get us through the rest of the year 
  • I'm intrigued by Revolve's first store
  • Anna Delvey is fascinating and frustrating 
  • Please give me all the books

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I was aggressive this week and kind of just abandoned everything I've been trying to practice for the last two months... but I also needed to shop for my Nashville trip so it's give and take. 

Some of the items are from Amazon and are now linked in my NEW Amazon storefront here! I also picked up the new Cosmopolitan from Loverboy and I'm so excited to try it! 

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