I was really excited for this post until I actually tried the nail polish I'm reviewing and was severely disappointed.

A few weeks ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning ecstatic that Chanel had launched at Ulta Beauty. It wasn't like I couldn't get the products at Sephora or Nordstrom, but I just like having options. That's when I decided to allow myself (because I'm on a low buy) to buy two products, one of them being the vampy Chanel nail polish shade called Rouge Noir.

I thought it was the perfect winter shade: dark, burgundy, and classic. I had tried one Chanel nail polish shade back in the day and I couldn't remember what I thought (I probably should've read my review before buying a new one). Well, the memories have come flooding back.

Dark polish is already really difficult to apply when you have a good formula and polish brush. Pair the darkness with a really thin, horrible brush and a subpar formula and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Chanel nail polish just isn't it...at least not this dark shade. The brush is reminiscent of old Essie - thin, flimsy, and provides no coverage; the formula was watery, patchy, and not opaque enough for a dark polish. It spilled everywhere and chipped within one day of applying it, even with my trusty base and topcoats.

I was so disappointed with how poorly the formula performed and looked. I am not a nail tech but after doing my own nails for almost a decade, I'd say I've gotten pretty good at it. This polish looked like a five-year-old got into my polish and tried to paint my nails while I was sleeping. It was horrid. 

I usually don't go so hard on my negative reviews because I can always find the goodness in even the worst polish formulas but this was just not it. You are paying for the Chanel name and nothing else. 

I didn't realize how bad the polish was until I removed it and then applied a new Olive & June polish, which performed beautifully as always - stay tuned for that next week! I might be willing to give Chanel polish another try, maybe a nice light pink such as DayDream but for now, skip the dark shades.

Have you tried Chanel nail polish? What are your thoughts?

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