Little Loves, Vol 12

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It's Saturday night as I'm writing this for Monday and I'm struggling. I had a really hard day and I'm not sure why. I cried a lot, didn't leave my bed, and abandoned all my responsibilities. I don't know if it's because of my period (TMI) or because I went back to work and life too fast after covid but either way, I feel really horrible.

I have Monday off so I'm happy that I'll have an extra day to do whatever I wanted to do today but I really hope I just snap out of it so I can feel better tomorrow. I haven't felt this depressed in a really long time so I'm upset at myself for letting it get to this point but after I cried all day, for no reason, I'm pretty confident it's just my hormones. 

Anyways, now that I've given you entirely too much information, I figured we'd do a little 'Little Loves' post. I haven't done one since May 2021 which seems too long and I need to rework my editorial calendar a bit. 

Let's get into it! 

And Just Like That

I have been deep into my love of Carrie Bradshaw lately since she came back onto our screens and into our hearts. I know so many people have so much to say about this series but I love it! I'm not crazy about Miranda having an affair and I hate what they are doing with Steve but I love everything else. I love seeing Carrie in a new phase of her life, I love seeing Charlotte and her kids, I love being back with my girls! The past two episodes definitely felt more like the old show but I trust SJP and MPK to give us the story they think we need. I'm loving it and I don't care what anyone says! 

All Things Paris

I've always been a London girl at heart but I blame TikTok and Emily Cooper for my obsession with Paris at the moment. I don't know what it is but I am ready to ditch my life in New York and move to Paris for no good reason. I also am having a huge moment with Hotel Lobby Candles, especially the Paris Nuit scent which is so rich and luxurious. 

This thriller 'Not a Happy Family' has been sitting on my shelf for months and I finally picked it up at the end of December. It was amazing, though I think I'm in the minority when it comes to that opinion. There will obviously be a full review coming soon but I took this photo on December 30th and captured the ultimate relaxation night: a good book, a good movie, and apple pie. 

Can you guess what my favorite color is? I had to snap this photo of my nightstand because it was too funny -- how many pink things can you have? Also, I just bought the Simple Modern Tumbler this weekend and I'm obsessed. I can tell why people love it - it keeps your drink cold for so long and the slim design is perfect for taking with you on the go, and I think it allows me to drink water faster and easier than other cups. 

Wellness Journal

I treated myself to this Wellness Journal from Papier this year and I've been having such a great time filling it out. It really is a great addition to both my morning and nightly routine and makes all the difference in reflecting on the day. Stay tuned for a full blog post on this soon! 


I discovered this app on TikTok and my life has not been the same since. Where has Notion been hiding? I am completely obsessed with making lists, creating new dashboards, and having my life beautifully and digitally organized. This is just a little peek inside my routine dashboard but stay tuned for even more Notion content soon.

What have you been loving lately?

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