It's been a minute since I've done a Beauty in Review post and I have so many great products lined up to review. It took me a while to get on board with this particular product but better late than never! And it's interesting because even though I was late on the trend, this product still became my favorite beauty item of the year. 

I'm talking about the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush.

When it was announced that Selena Gomez was launching her own beauty brand, I don't think anyone expected it to be as good as it is. It's up there with Fenty as a standalone celebrity beauty brand -- like it's not some throwaway product, it's well respected in the beauty industry and I love that for Selena.

I've only tried one other Rare Beauty product aside from the Soft Pinch Blush and that is the Stay Vulernable Melting Cream Blush. The reviews are mixed on that and maybe I'll do an additional review post on those but for now, we're focusing on Soft Pinch.

This past holiday season, I picked up a trio of blushes from Sephora. The set is still available on Rare Beauty's website but it came with three mini sizes of the Soft Pinch blushes: Bliss, Hope, and Peace. At the time, Bliss was the only shade available in full size but Rare has now added Hope to the lineup as well.

Since getting this set, these are the only blushes I have used. It's been about two months and while I don't apply makeup every day, when I do, I reach for Soft Pinch.

Why Soft Pinch?

There is something magical about this formula. It's not too liquidy and to me, almost seems like a watery cream. It blends out beautifully, with a brush or sponge, and depending on which color you use, if it has a radiant finish you'll have a gorgeous glow to your cheeks.

From the shades that I do have, I think I use Bliss the most. It's described as a matte, nude pink shade and it goes with every beauty look. I do not think matte is the best way to describe it only because I don't feel this dries my skin out or gives a flat look to the cheeks.

My second most used shade is definitely Hope. It has a radiant finish, is described as a mauve pink, and it literally leaves your cheeks looking naturally flushed. I don't even apply a highlighter when I wear this shade because it gives you the most radiant look, I'm obsessed. 

To be honest, I haven't used Peace much at all. I'm not a huge fan of coral blush but it is a pretty color and I think will be great to wear during the spring and summer.

How I Use Them

My favorite way to use these blushes is on no or low makeup days. I have applied them on just moisturized skin with no foundation or base products and I think that might be my favorite way to wear them. They give me an effortless, carefree look and you don't even need to try too hard to make it seem that way! 

I have also used these on top of foundation/tinted moisturizer and they look just as beautiful, I just love using them on a bare face more. I think minimalist beauty is really on-trend at the moment and these are the perfect addition to your beauty routine if that's what you're going for.

I usually just blend them in with a brush and I like the effect I get most from that. I have used a sponge and my fingers but you get the most effortlessly blended look with a soft, densely packed brush. It looks like you're not even wearing blush, that's how stunning they blend into your skin. I also think they hold up pretty well in terms of wear time - I didn't notice anything really bad about how long they last on your skin. 

I truly can't get enough of these ... there is nothing I do not like about them and I have no negativity to even explain. The packaging is adorable, the applicator is great, and I think there's a shade for everyone. I cannot even remember the last time I used a powder blush.

What's Next

Alongside the addition of Hope to the lineup of blush shades, Rare Beauty also added Encourage which is a soft, neutral pink, and Believe which is true mauve. I would love to add both of those shades to my collection... along with something bold and fun like Faith, which is a deep, matte purple. 

I also need to add to my Rare Beauty Collection because there are very few products that I've heard bad things about. Below is everything I want to try!
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Have you tried the Soft Pinch Liquid Blushes? What did you think?
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