Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by for me and I'm sad about it. I want things to slow down; time is just moving so fast and I want to savor every moment of my favorite season.

The week was pretty solid; I felt good, physically and mentally, for the most part, but Thursday I was just so sick. I think it's the drastic change in weather we've been experiencing in New York but I feel a little better now so hopefully, it stays that way.

Thanksgiving is just two weeks ago and I can't wait! It's my favorite holiday and I just want to eat all the good food. I also have a wedding next weekend, then a birthday party for myself and my best friend after Thanksgiving, and then my actual birthday. There's a lot going on over the next few weeks and I'm excited for all of it.

What I think I'm most excited about is Christmas. I am usually the type of person who doesn't even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but this year that is so different. I just want to be cozy and jolly and merry. I even considered decorating for Christmas now and maybe watching a movie or two but decided against it... I'm not there yet and still savoring the little bit of pumpkin spice season left.

This weekend I'm going to chill out, do some writing and maybe bake a few things!

Let's get into the wrap-up!

Pink Positivity of the Week 

This was a great week for things I love; we got a new WW plan on Monday (I need to do an update on this!), Apres Ski Stoney Clover collection on Wednesday, and today, "Red" Taylor's Verison is released. It's a solid week that made me so happy! 

Links I Loved

What I Bought This Week 

I have been dying for the original Press for Champagne Button for years... and I finally purchased it when it came back in stock. I can't wait to hang this in my room! I also went a little crazy with Stoney Clover this week... 

Have a great weekend!
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