It was only right before the pandemic that I purchased my iPad Mini 5. I was feeling sorry for myself because my boyfriend was breaking up with me and I had gotten my tax return so why not treat yourself? It was a great purchase because who knew just a few weeks later we would be locked in the house for months?

That iPad kept me sane and really opened my eyes to what a good iPad can be used for. I raved about it over the past *almost* two years but I had been contemplating getting an additional or a different iPad. I wanted something bigger, but I'm not really sure why? I was just kind of bored I guess.

I wrestled with the idea of a new iPad for a while but then when I found out Apple was holding a September event for their new launches and new iPad were part of it, I knew I had to wait it out. I watched that event live and when I saw the new iPad Mini 6 and how upgraded it actually was, I knew that that was the way to go.

The Apple event made it look too good to pass up and I had to have it immediately. 

I ordered the iPad Mini 6 in 'Pink' the moment it was available for purchase and received it on September 24th. I was giddy with excitement and honestly do not remember the last time I loved a tech purchase so much... I guess it was my Macbook Air I purchased in January 2021. Man, Apple products just speak to my soul! 

Anyways, as soon as my iPad arrived in the mail, I was obsessed. It is really sleek, very fast and so lightweight. It feels so different from the other iPads also, because of the very rectangular design. The corners are sharp and it feels much more tech-like than anything else I have.

The iPad Design and Technology

 This iPad also comes with iOS15 already installed so you have the most up-to-date Apple technology which I think makes a huge difference. I love iOS15 and think on the iPad it looks and runs even better. I mean, the iPad is also fast because it's brand new but I just think it's a big difference. 

Another big difference is also the size; this iPad mini is slightly bigger than the iPad Mini 5 but there is no home button, therefore, the screen is so much bigger, which I love! I think having a bigger screen makes using the iPad a lot easier and more user-friendly. Having everything be slightly bigger gives the illusion that the iPad itself is bigger. 

The home button is not removed completely, it's now located on the top right of the iPad, and Touch ID is now enabled, which I love. It makes everything so much more convenient.

As for the color, I got the shade Pink but it's hardly a color at all; it's super light and very reflective. That doesn't necessarily bother me but I wish it was a touch darker so you can actually see the fact that it's pink. Though

I think all of the colors in this launch were very light and a little techy. 

How I Use It

I am still using my iPad the same way that I have in the past but I think I use it more than my other iPads, solely because of the weight and size. This iPad feels so different in your hand and in a way, it makes using it a lot easier. 

There are days where I use my iPad more than my phone. I have my messages hooked up to it for now (I might change this in the future) so I can be laying on my living room couch, my phone charging in my bedroom, and be fine. 

I have been reading a lot on my iPad; I have both a Kindle and Nook and stick to reading exclusively on those. I usually hate reading on an iPad because of the screen but now, I can adjust brightness and coloring on both apps and my iPad is faster than both. Also, for certain books I like that there is a bit of color in the screen; I like reading self-help books on the iPad because it feels more like a regular book to me. Because of the large screen, the nature of the fast processing, and the fact that it's so easy to get to, I like to be able to reference things in these books faster than I would be able to on a normal e-reader.

In addition to reading books, I use my iPad to read articles and blogs, a lot! I like reading on here more versus my computer or phone because it feels more natural. 

Another way I use this, and probably my favorite way is to use it as a double screen for my work computer. I couldn't do this with my old iPad because of the outdated tech but with this one, ah it's so nice! I use a software called 'Duet' that allows me to hook up the iPad to my work computer and viola, double screen! It's such a huge help when it comes to managing a heavy workload and it makes me feel super professional, which I love.

Worth It or Not? 

All in all, I definitely think if you just want a simple iPad and aren't someone with a business, someone who's in school or is an artist, I think an iPad mini will suit you just fine. I think iPad pros and regular iPads are better for those who utilize an iPad more than a computer, or who need a bigger screen for creative purposes. 

There are enough differences between the iPad Mini 6 and the older models to make a case for upgrading; it feels totally different from the other iPad minis I've had and I'm simply obsessed!

What are your thoughts on iPads?

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