I have been through so many planners over the last few years. I can't ever seem to find planner peace. I've had Lilly Pulitizer, Day Designers, Erin Condren, digital planners... I've used them all! I've loved most of them too; I always go back to Lilly and Day Designer but nothing ever seems to stick. I just like to change things up too much and I get bored easily! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I always changed my stationery products; I never kept a planner longer for six months and was always switching notebooks and backpacks. I just like options and I guess I never grew out of that habit. 

Last year, I thought I found heaven with The Everygirl x Day Designer collab from Target. It was compact, pretty, and seemed to be just what I needed since I also had a Louis Vuitton MM Agenda that I was using. 

I had been using two planners for the past few years; Louis Vuitton and another one for work but I thought that I'd keep LV as a to-do list planner/notebook catchall and use the Day Designer as my daily planner, especially since a work planner seemed unnecessary now that I was WFH. 

That lasted pretty much throughout the year until mid-August where I was just tired of using so many notebooks. I wanted my planner to be simplified and reflective of what was happening in my life. I just wanted things to be easier and I had missed my Louis Vuitton agenda. 

I also noticed that I had been using digital planning and my iPhone a lot more for my daily tasks. I make daily to-do lists on my "Microsoft To-Do" app and that is pretty much my planner for the day. 

That being said, I decided to abandon my Everygirl planner, get some MM agenda inserts that I liked and knew I would use and made the switch. 

For the past few years, I had been using Cloth & Paper inserts in my planners and I love them, a lot... but when I used my LV Agenda most is when I had the Minted Sugar inserts. I decided to go back to them, for the last part of this year to test and see if I liked them as much as I remembered. 

I was correct! I have the Monthly & Weekly Inserts for September-December 2021 in white. I love creating weekly to-do lists, setting goals for the month and week ahead, and having each week separated by its own dashboard. It's organized, but not overly organized while still having enough space for notes, planning, and a few mess-ups. 

Because of the layouts of the Louis Vuitton Agenda, I don't feel as restricted and it's nice to be able to customize the setup. That is one aspect of this planner that I always come back to... being able to build whatever I want and adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle and mood is key for me. 

All of this being said, Rachel Parcell released a line of Blue Sky planners with Target and I needed one...which contradicts everything I just said. I couldn't resist the pretty design and the unique layout (it's the same as other BlueSky planners but has some differences). 

I will most likely *attempt* to use this as a blog planner. I've been trying to get more serious (behind the scenes) of making Royally Pink what I want it to be, a brand and more than just the blog (that's why you should follow me on TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, LTK, and sign up for my newsletter) so I feel like a separate blog planner might help me stay on top of everything. We'll see! I'll do a separate Royally Planned post all about this planner soon! 

All in all, I'll be sticking with my Louis Vuitton Agenda for the future and stocking up on the Minted Sugar 2022 inserts! 


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