As I mentioned in the past two Manicure Monday posts, I'm working my way through trying some Olive & June polishes for the first time and that includes the newish Stoney Clover Lane collaboration with the nail polish brand.

This year, I tried the shade "KAG" named after one of the Stoney Clover founders, Kendall. "KAG" is a peachy pink shade with very neutral undertones. It's really beautiful yet simple in the bottle but once applied, it really comes to life.

Once again, I used the full Olive & June system, from start to finish and I noticed even more of a difference than with the other Olive & June polish from last week.

I started out with the nail strengthener, followed by the polish, and then finished it up with the Glossy Top Coat. I definitely think it made a difference in the longevity of the polish. I painted it on Sunday and it lasted, chip-free until at least Thursday but then I started to pick them. Even then, this polish didn't come off as easily as others.

Now, for the color... KAG is stunning! It's picture-perfect pink. It's what you think of when you hear the word 'pink'. It's creamy, rich, opaque, and just beautiful. I loved how it looked on my nails and it's a color I know will be a classic in my collection.. it's the color you wear to weddings and formal events or when you just don't know what to put on your nails.

It's a happy color, it made me happy to have it on my nails. I know that it's described as peachy pink but I think it's more baby pink, at least on my nails. 

As I said before, the polish is very opaque, goes on perfectly with no patches or skips, and looks beautiful on the nails. It didn't bleed onto my cuticles and stayed in place, while drying pretty glossy and great.

I cannot recommend the Stoney Clover shades in the Olive & June collection enough! I also highly recommend the entire mani system because it just can't be beat! 


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