As mentioned last week, I've been all-in on Olive & June lately! I was going to use this week to paint my nails with another Stoney Clover collab color but I had some other Olive & June shades calling my name,

Back in July, I was shopping at Target when I saw a bunch of Olive & June on clearance. I picked up two beautiful, summery shades for less than $5 and they have been patiently waiting to be used. I figured before I dove into the more neutral SCL shades, I'd give these a whirl! 

This Manicure Monday is a little different in that I want to review the entire manicure, including the base and top coat which is also Olive & June.

Glossy Top Coat

I've been using the OJ Glossy Top Coat for almost a year (I think) at this point and I have to say, I love it. It makes the entire manicure come together and I feel like it kind of fixes any mistakes I might've made with the polish. The manicure just doesn't feel complete until I put the Glossy Top Coat on. It adds a ton of shine but also provides a nice protection layer and I think the manicure definitely lasts longer with this.

I've used this both on Olive & June polishes and other brands, and I think it works the same on all of them. Aside from Essie Gel Setter, which I haven't repurchased since having this topcoat, the OJ one is probably my favorite! 

Nail Strengthener   

I threw this into my cart when purchasing the Stoney Clover collection because I was in desperate need of something to build my nails up. This is another post that is coming but my nails were ruined after my first and only powder gel manicure and I needed something to help restore them. That's what the Olive & June Nail Strengthener is doing. I've used it three times now, once as a clear coat without any polish on top, and then twice with polish on top.

I definitely have noticed a difference in my nails. They aren't as brittle or soft and feel stronger than they did before I started using this polish. Aside from helping build up my nails, I do think it's helping keep the polish on a little longer than usual too so as a base coat, it gets my full approval.

I'm curious to try Olive & June's Ridge Filler and Nail Primer and compare how they stack up against the strengthener. 

Dry Drops

I topped off the polish with the Olive & June dry drops. I haven't been a fan of these in the past because I felt they were a little difficult to squeeze out and very oily. However, I used them anyway and liked them better this time, maybe because I got used to the bottle. They were very oily though but I think if you're a little more precise with application, you won't have a problem.

The drops definitely do help your nails dry faster and I think they're probably better versus other drying drops on the market. 

Now, onto the color, I painted my nails with this week! 

Fierce & Loving is a bright, lilac shade with pink undertones so it looks bright and fresh on the nails. I do think it's a little brighter and louder on the Olive & June website than it is in person but it's still gorgeous. It definitely is a spring and summer shade and reminds me of the Essie shade "Playdate" though I much prefer the OJ formula.

This polish went on very smooth, opaque, and not patchy in the slightest bit. I didn't have to build up the color or go over it a million times to make the color stand out. I've had the polish on for a few days now and it hasn't chipped or smudged. I'm pretty impressed because I'm quite hard on my hands and have been a little clumsy with knocking things over and bumping into things which usually chips my nails. 

I also am a big fan of the color... it's bright & fun without being too neon or overpowering. It almost seems like a neutral purple shade that would look good on anyone. 

All in all, a full Olive & June manicure makes all the difference. I definitely feel myself making the switch from Essie & OPI to exclusively Olive & June. I love the branding, the nail care products, and the colors! The formula is also superb and you can tell the difference versus the traditional drugstore nail brands.

Stay tuned next week for the continuation of the Stoney Clover and Olive & June collab! 


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