The most controversial sale of the year is here! Whenever the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale comes around, everyone has their opinions but I personally love the sale and always shop the sale, despite what influencers tell me to do.

The sale is a great time to try something new or stock up on some staples. Every year when the sale happens, I buy my Zella leggings (I wear them every single day), a sweater or two, and usually a Tory Burch accessory. 

This year, there's a lot that I want but a lot that I recommend too! I love Nordstrom and shop them pretty much weekly for everything from Spanx to wedding guest dresses to lipstick. I cannot get enough of Nordstrom! 

I rounded up all my picks in each category for the sale this year and you can use this post as a guide for the sale. I won't be doing too much other coverage aside from linking to this post on my socials and probably doing a roundup of what I actually bought. 

I have 'influencer' status at Nordstrom, as a cardholder, so I'm shopping on Friday, just as I'm jetting off to Mexico for the next few days. Below is what I'm probably going to be buying and then everything I recommend. 

Side note: I cannot tell you ENOUGH to buy a pair of Good American jeans during this sale. They are expensive but oh my goodness, they are the best pair of jeans you will buy in your entire life. I am a curvy gal with big thighs (my thighs are the biggest part of my body) and I swear, these jeans were made for me. I look good, I feel good... I have 3 pairs and 1 pair of denim shorts. BUY GOOD AMERICAN!!!

Ok, let's get into it! 

What I'm Buying


Lounge & Atheltic Wear

Good American Jeans 




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