Back in the day, Essie had a nail polish line called "Treat, Love, and Color". It was supposed to be a treatment formula that still had some color to it so you can wear it alone, without any other treatment polish. When I used it, I opted for more sheer colors to use as base coats but didn't notice much of a difference nor did I like wearing them alone. 

I think Essie realized that these polishes were severely lacking and decided to take them off the market, reformulate and re-launch with a more curated shade range. They were released a few weeks ago and I bought one color, intrigued to try this old/new product again.

My nails have been in really bad shape lately; they've been really sensitive, peeling, soft, and just not looking or feeling their best. I went on a mad dash in the drugstore, trying to find the best strengtheners and nail treatments which was the catalyst for trying the new Treat, Love, and Color.

I'm the type of person who needs to have their nails painted all the time; I hate having bare nails but knew that I needed to let my nails breathe a bit to maybe get them back to a stronger place. I kept my nails with no polish or base coat for a week and then used the new Treat & Love, in shade "Punch It Up".

Punch It Up is a beautiful, true pink shade that is ideal for summer but can work year-round, in my opinion. I figured it was the perfect shade to wear right now and test out the polish! 

For the first application, I didn't use a base coat. I wanted to test out the true formula to see if it would help my nails a bit. Upon application, even without the base coat, I was able to tell that the formula of the line has been vastly improved. 

The polish is opaque, goes on smoothly, and without any patchiness left behind. I did apply a top coat, just to have it dry faster and I have to say, this polish is good.

It feels like a regular Essie polish upon application but I did notice that when removing it, my nails felt better. The peeling was gone, my nails were shiny and felt stronger. I was incredibly impressed, not only because of the formula and application but because this treatment polish actually healed my nails! 

This is the perfect polish for those who hate giving their nails a break, for those nails that need a little TLC, or if you just like the color! The manicure you get with this new and improved formula is a good old, regular manicure. The experience isn't any different than your regular at-home Essie manicure, the color is opaque and application a breeze -- you're just using a polish that has more benefits for your nails.

For me, that is a total win! 

There are a handful of other colors in the collection and I definitely need to scoop up the shade "Berry Blast" for the fall.

What's on your nails this Monday?

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