When I discovered Book of the Month, a book subscription service, a few years back I was immediately taken with it. Book of the Month has been around for a little bit and it is a book-based subscription service that costs $15 a month. 

The basis is that they have 4-5 books available and you choose one... the books are different genres, different authors, and most of the time they are very newly released or even unreleased! I've gotten books before they were for sale at bookstores by a week or so because it was a BOTM option.

You can also add on up to two books, for $10 each, that BOTM has in their library. All of the books are hardcover and have a BOTM cover which is pretty cool! 

As I said before, I've been subscribed to BOTM back and forth over the years. I signed up in 2018 for a few months, then again at the beginning of the pandemic, and then again in January of this year. The reasons I've stopped in the past is because I was trying to cut back on spending and because I felt like I had too many books.

Since I've been subscribed this year, I've been pretty happy with everything and don't foresee myself unsubscribing anytime soon, which is why I thought it was a good time to blog about it and let you know my thoughts!


There are definitely more pros than cons in my opinion. I love that I can get hardcover books for way below the market price. You pay $15 a month for a book that costs probably $30. Then, on top of that, you can add hardcover books to your monthly box for $10 each. That's almost a 50% cost savings. If you are someone who reads a lot, who loves a hardcover book vs paperback or e-books, then that in itself is a reason to consider BOTM.

Another pro for me is that you can skip a month if you don't like any of the books. You still pay for the credit but if none of the books catch your eye, you can save the credit for something you do like later on. I've never skipped a month because there's always a book that intrigues me but I like knowing it's there.

My third pro is the fact that most of the books included in BOTM are unreleased or brand new. It's a great way to get your hands on books before anyone else and I love that exclusivity. In the same breath, it's a great way to discover new books and authors that you might've never heard of or picked up. The discovery that BOTM offers to readers is really wonderful. 

I am someone who is drawn to romance or thrillers and it's hard for me to escape that when I'm searching through Barnes & Noble. However, when looking at my BOTM choices I might be inclined to try a different genre because it's right in front of me and the choices are limited. 

BOTM also offers rewards when you complete a year of membership plus gives you a free add on during your birthday month which is a nice perk! 

All in all, if you are someone who loves reading then there is no reason to not subscribe to BOTM. 


My cons for BOTM are pretty simple: cost and the sheer amount of books you collect. If you're trying to save money then a subscription service like BOTM is going to be the first to go. 

Also, if you're tight on space, BOTM might be a con because you just accumulate a massive amount of books. Granted, it's 12 books a year if you get only one book but if you do any add ons, you'll be drowning in hardcovers. 

I have one section of my book that has just piles of books and it can be really overwhelming to look at and add to each month. That's been one of my reasons for canceling in the past, just too many books and not enough space. It's also why I usually opt for buying e-books and why I never really purchase hardcover books outside of BOTM. 

However, if neither of those things applies to you, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't fall head over heels for Book the Month. I think it's a great subscription service and just really fun! It's so much fun being part of the community, waiting for the choices to go up each month, and seeing what everyone chooses. 

I really love Book the Month and highly recommend to readers (and non-readers) everywhere!

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