I've never been to a destination wedding so packing for it felt a little different than a regular vacation. Sure, we were going to be spending the majority of the time at the pool but I definitely brought some things I wouldn't have brought with me if it was a wedding. 

I also am a chronic anxious person and like to be prepared for anything and everything, and I haven't been on vacation in a while so I was a little confused as to what I would need vs what I wouldn't.

Because I was so anxious about packing I made myself a list of everything I would need, what I wanted to buy myself new, and organized it in a way so I could reference what I would need on any given day. That helped make packing a lot easier because I was kind of packed in my head already.

Another tip for packing is to lay out everything you need about a week before. I dumped everything on my dining room table and it was so great to see everything at once before putting it into a suitcase.

This was also the first time I packed with my Stoney Clover pouches AND packing cubes. Having everything organized by item type (makeup, toiletries, skincare, pajamas, bathing suits, etc) helped immensely. The more organized I can remain, the better. 

I didn't bring a carry-on, just a checked bag, and tote for the plan. In my suitcase were all my larger liquids, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc and in my tote bag, I put my chargers, iPad, Nook, medication, and anything I thought I would need for the plane. 

A few things that I brought with me that I wouldn't have if it wasn't a wedding:

  • Heels
  • Most of my makeup (I wore nothing!! It was too hot. I didn't even wear makeup to the wedding)
  • Spanx 
  • Most of the jewelry I brought (I wore hardly any jewelry, once again, too hot) 
  • The dress I wore to the wedding
I definitely overpacked for the trip because I didn't use half of the things I brought with me. It was nice to have options in terms of outfits, accessories, and jewelry but because it was so hot, I didn't use a lot of items. I wore only one bracelet at a time, maybe a ring, and didn't wear any of the pants I brought. It was all skirts and dresses because it was just unbearably hot. 

I posted a very chaotic but interesting Youtube video all about my packing situation and showed you how I used all my Stoney Clover items as well as what makeup I brought with me. 

I definitely learned a lot in terms of packing for this trip and will be sure to not overpack next time!


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