There are some days when I want to wear makeup, where I want to look a little put together but don't have the time or energy. There are some days when I am just feeling super lazy and wanting to look good quickly. I've figured out a few of my favorite 'lazy girl' beauty products that range from skincare to makeup.

Some days you just need a product that is going to be easy to use, easy to apply and still look great! I'm sure there are tons of other products out there that save time and energy but these are the ones I've tried and loved! 

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

If you haven't heard, Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite beauty brand of the moment. I cannot get enough of her incredible products, luxurious packaging and the way everything she does just feels effortless. I have a ton of CT product and this Light Wonder Foundation is newer to me. It was the first foundation she released but I put off purchasing it for years and I don't understand why. This is my go-to barely there foundation and I apply it with my hands(!!!!) This is definitely a light coverage foundation, though has more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and has a very light weight feeling. I wear shade 4 and it's pretty perfect for me. Light Wonder has a very glowy finish, as most Charlotte Tilbury products do, but it's not overly done to the point where you don't need highlighter or feel like you're greasy.

I wear this so much on the days where I want to look like I put effort into my look but don't feel like applying makeup with a beautyblender or brush. I definitely use it more like a heavy duty tinted moisturizer vs a regular foundation but I love it nonetheless. It's beautiful and a must-have in my collection! 

Physician's Formula Brow Gel

I received this brow gel in PR back in the day and I'm still using it, though I probably need a new one. It has the smallest brow brush I've ever seen but the formula is really fantastic. I have the tinted version (in brown) though Ulta's website does sell a clear one. The way I use this is product is in lieu of a brow pencil or pomade but still want my brows to look full and feathery. I brush my brows in an upward motion, dispensing the product evenly throughout. Within seconds my brows are in place, have a bit more volume and color but look really natural. I have my tried and true brow gels (Benefit Gimme Brow & Glossier Boy Brow) but neither compare the natural look this drugstore option gives me. 

First Aid Beauty Radiance Or Acne Pads

I have been really into skincare lately (who hasn't??) and have been trying tons of different treatments and serums but some days I'm just too lazy to do a full routine. That's where my favorite all in one 'pads' from First Aid Beauty come in! FAB is the first skincare brand I truly fell in love with because they have simple products that are safe for sensitive skin (which I have) and they never let me down. They have two different pads that are soaked with ingredients to help different skincare needs. 

First, they have Facial Radiance Pads that I use when I feel like my skin needs a little brightening or when I have a lot of acne scarring... almost the way you would use a Vitamin C serum though these pads don't contain Vitamin C, they have lactic and glycolic acid to help brighten and even skin.

The Acne Treatment pads are formulated with 2% salicylic acid and white clay to absorb oil and impurities while also treating any active breakouts. I use these whenever I feel a breakout coming on or when I have an actual blemish that needs treating. They work really well and I keep going back to them as a great acne treatment. 

This type of beauty product, while not the best for the environment, are great for those really lazy days where you still want your skin to get the TLC it deserves. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

This Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion has been my saving grace for years and with each passing month, it's getting harder and harder to find. It was the first in-shower lotion I've tried and it remains the best one ever. I love the idea of an in-shower lotion... I always hated moisturizing post-shower and having my skin feel heavy or sticky. The step of hydrating my wet skin while still in the shower adds some extra hydration and saves so much time. It's also the ultimate lazy girl hack! There have been times when I don't use this lotion because I forgot to stock up, or because I'm that lazy that I can't be bothered to moisturize and my skin freaks out with dryness and redness. It's a must-have item for me! 

*You know I love this lotion because I talked about it back in 2015 and 2019

Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It H(air) Styler

There comes a time in the hot weather where I do give my hair a break from heat styling. I've been addicted to my Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler lately but when I do want my hair to look good with zero effort, I turn to my trusty Bumble & Bumble Blow It Air Dryer. This air styler has been my go-to for years and I love it, always. You just apply it to wet hair and let it air dry... you're left with not frizzy, conditioned locks. It's unreal how it controls your hair and gives a more textured, put together look to air dried hair. It's a noticeable difference when you use this product vs letting your hair naturally dry. It's truly like magic. 

They now have versions for thin and thick hair so when I repurchase, I'll get the thick hair one! 

What are your favorite lazy girl beauty products?

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