This week was so weird. Do I start these posts off like that every week? I think so! LOL We had a death in my family and it hit me hard so that definitely threw a wrench in things. The weather was weird here in NYC -- it was hailing on Friday, so that always throws me off. Plus, a short week always makes me feel foggy and confused. 

I'm thrilled that it's the weekend and that it's beautiful outside! I'm going to dinner with family tonight and then probably sit by the pool tomorrow. It feels so good to be able to relax and recharge this weekend. I have a lot of stuff running around in my head and I just need to get it out, write it down and think about it out loud which is what I'm using this weekend for. 

I spent last night binging Mare of Easttown and I'm almost finished! I'm so glad I avoided spoilers and decided to wait to watch it because it's the type of show I definitely wouldn't have wanted to watch week by week. It's so good and I highly recommend, especially if you like true crime. 

I will stop rambling now and get into the wrap up! Make sure you entered my anniversary giveaway and sign up for my newsletter. 

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