It's been 15 months since I started working from home and I really can't believe we're still here. While the pandemic is winding down (vaccines lets go!), a lot of us are still working from our bedrooms and might be for the foreseeable future.

There are dates on the calendar of when a lot of companies are going back to in-office work (probably sometime in the fall, that's when I'll be headed back) but I think the consensus is that most companies will have some sort of hybrid model going forward.

That means, some office workers will be half in person, half remote, which I'm all good with.  

Over the past year, we have all learned a lot about working from home and how we work best. I've realized so much about my work style while I've been on my own. I learned that I work really well alone, without distractions... and I don't think I realized how distracting an office could be. My situation is so different because I'm home all day, by myself, since my mom and sister are both working full time, outside the home. 

I learned that I can be really creative and relaxed while working, without the feeling of being watched. Also, after almost a year of really strict 'only work' activity (you can read more about my work from home tips here), I've started to let up on my routine and I've found it really helps me stay focused and be creative without getting distracted every few minutes. 

That's why I figured it was time to take you through my current work from home routine. I think some sort of this routine will continue once I go back into the office part time because it really works for me. 

Side note: Around this time last year I did a quarantine edition of a day in the life of a social media manager where I explained the ins and outs of my job but this will be a little different and show my true 'routine'. 

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I set my alarm(s) for 8:00, 8:15, and 8:30 but truthfully, most days will roll out of bed around 8:50. If I don't have a 9 AM meeting, I might lay in bed until 9:15 but usually I try to get up. Once I actually do muster up the energy to get out of bed, I immediately turn my work laptop on and do a quick once over of my emails and any Teams chats that maybe came through later in the day before. 

Before actually getting to work, I'll make my bed, brush my teeth and wash my face with my Simple Micellar Water or Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Dream Jelly Face Wash. Then I'll do either one of two things: if I'm feeling healthy, I'll make myself a hot water with lemon but if I'm too tired to function, I immediately go for the coffee. Either way, I fill up my water tumblr with ice water and head back to my desk to get started with the day. 

I also make my bed immediately, before even sitting down to my desk because I cannot properly start the day if my room isn't straightened up.

Since January, I've been working from my desk, just because I like the feeling of having everything I need at arms length and not having to move my stuff around every day. Last summer and into the fall/winter time, I was sitting in my kitchen or my dining room just to have a change of scenery and it was nice but I do my best work sitting at my desk.

9- 10:30 AM

During this time I will make a to-do list for work, answer emails, schedule any posts and just get myself sorted for the day. I'll also make a personal non work to do list, write in my Five Minute Journal app, and decide what podcast to listen to first... it's usually a true crime one. 

10:30 - 11 AM

I'll have a second cup of coffee and this is usually when I take my first break of the day to eat breakfast. I've started eating my work meals at my kitchen table instead of at my desk because why not? I'm at work but I could still take a break. When you're at work, you're not constantly working... you naturally take bathroom breaks, go for a walk, go grab a coffee or chat with a co-worker. There's more downtime in an office than you realize. 

Leaving my laptop also helps me feel like I'm actually eating instead of just hastily scarfing down food while staring at my screen. 

11:30 - 1:30 PM

After breakfast I'll sit at my computer a little longer, get more work done and then I take my longest break of the day. This is something I started a few months ago and I really love it... this is when I take a 30-45 minute break to workout. For the past 4 months, I've been using my stationary bike from Amazon and I'll do a Peloton workout (reviews coming soon) but for the past two weeks, I started running out to the gym. Yes... I leave my desk for 45 minutes to go to the gym. It's something that made me anxious at first but then I figured, I get a lunch break...and sometimes, while in the office, people go to the gym on their lunch break. What's the difference? While I'm working out, I check my email and Teams chat to make sure I'm not missing anything and in less than an hour, I'm back at my desk and completely focused. I also work 30-45 minutes later on the days I'm physically leaving the house.

The reason I work out in the middle of the day is because it is so much better for my mental health. Working out is something that I don't enjoy but I know I have to do it and I have to figure out a way that works for me. I find that I'm able to focus on my tasks more instead of anticipating a workout at 5 PM. I have more energy at the end of the day to focus on other tasks and it just really works for the structure of my day.

*Throughout the day, I will have multiple meetings, some days are lighter than others but for the sake of this post, I'm leaving the meetings out of it* 

2-5 PM

My favorite lunch of the moment.. cauliflower pizza with
Trader Joes Cauliflower Crust or Thins

I pretty much hunker down at my desk for the rest of the day to knock out my to-do list. I'll eat lunch anywhere from 2-3 PM and might move into the kitchen as a workspace just to break things up. Once the day is starting to wrap up, I'll make a to-do list for the next day, clean up my desk to make it nice and neat and close my laptop. 

After 5 PM, I might run some errands but I do try to get out of my room. I'll head into the living room with a book or personal laptop to get some blogging done... or just relax and watch some television. If it's not 100 degrees outside, I might even take a quick walk. Either way, leaving my room helps to signal the end of my day

So basically, my work from home routine is pretty standard and really the two things that are different, that help me stay sane is meals at the kitchen table and a workout break. It helps break up my day, stay focused, and feel energized! 

What is your work from home routine like nowadays?

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