Olive and June is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. They have been on their A game, releasing tons of new, innovative products like their nail care line and tools, such as their Cuticle Serum and The Poppy. I also am a big fan of their branding -- everything Olive and June does is very intentional and I really admire that.

One of my favorite Olive and June products are their nail art stickers. They were one of the first brands I saw do high quality nail stickers and they were so cute with them! I've always loved adding something unique to my manicure, ever since I was a little girl and would ask for a design on my nails. 

The stickers are an easy way to add something really cute and different to a regular manicure, especially if you don't know how to do nail art, which I definitely do not. 

Olive & June has so many different choices when it comes to the nail art stickers and have been consistently releasing more. I have quite the collection and have experimented with them over the past year and I really love them. 

My favorites are definitely the White Stars, which I think are the best sellers as well as the hearts which were released around Valentine's Day. I also have the fast food stickers, florals, and some winter/Christmas seasonal ones that I can't wait to wear next year. 

The quality of the stickers is really good; they don't tear easily and stay on pretty good once you put a top coat on. To apply the stickers, I let my nails dry and then use a tweezer to remove the sticker from the backing and play gently onto my nail. I follow up with a top coat and we're good to go.

If you want to add something fun to your manicures, I highly recommend using the Olive & June Nail Stickers. You can get really quirky with the stickers, like the food ones or keep it simple with flowers or stars. They're such a fun addition to any manicure! 


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