I received this book, "The Last Place You Look" via a Net Galley arc and read it almost in one sitting a few months ago. It was published back in April so you can get it now, but I highly recommend it. Part of the title is "Butler & West Book 1" which refers to two of the main characters/detectives of the novel. Therefore, you can assume that there will be more to come out of Louisa Scarr, which I personally cannot wait for.

Publisher's Summary

The police are always on the right side. Aren't they?

DC Freya West has a secret. She has lost the man she loves, and if the truth gets out her career would be over too.

DS Robin Butler is haunted by a tragedy. As he and West investigate a seeming case of misadventure, she learns a shocking fact about him and must decide whether to reveal it.

Both detectives know it is only a matter of time until their lies are uncovered. Will they choose to keep each other's darkest secrets?

My Thoughts

This was an incredibly addicting book; as I said before, I think I read it almost in one sitting. It was incredibly written, kept you on the edge of your seat, and really made you wonder how the ending would come about.

This was the type of book where you had a good feeling of what the ending would be, all signs point to it, but you didn't know how you would get there. 

It was a really interesting, layered plot with so many deep, dark secrets, so many twists and unexpected characters -- it was incredible and kept my attention the entire way through. There was not a moment in this novel that was boring or slow. Also, it didn't feel like anything was unnecessary; sometimes there is an unnecessary subplot that doesn't add to the story and only takes up time but not here... everything was essential. 

I will admit, it was slightly confusing at the beginning as you get acquainted with all the characters and the plot but once you're in it, you're hooked. 

As for the characters, Amy is the worst of all time and Detectives Butler & West had amazing chemistry and were so likable. It made me really excited to read more of their story together. 

This was such a solid detective novel. It's a series that I would love to see through and continue to read and obsess over. If you love true crime, detective novels, and wild twists, you need to read "The Last Place You Look" by Louisa Scarr.

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