The first e-reader I used was the Barnes & Noble Nook. I wanted it over the Kindle because I liked the idea of supporting Barnes & Noble... I wasn't too keen on Amazon selling books. I loved my Nook so much and used it until it broke, then I bought another one and used it for years.

It was only a few years ago that I bought a Kindle because I wanted to read my Netgalley arcs on it and because my Nook was on the fritz. I love my Kindle but it always felt like something was missing with it... which is when I got the idea to ask for a new Nook for Christmas this past year. 

*If you're curious, I had a battle between my old Nook & Kindle a two years ago. 

I picked out the Nook Glow Light 3 because it was bigger than my Kindle and because it had a backlight, so I could read in a dimly lit room and not strain my eyes. That's definitely something that was missing with my old Nook and I'm really happy to have it.

The Nook Glow Light 3 is similar to the old Nook I had but it's slightly bigger which I appreciate; my Kindle is too small to hold in my hands sometimes and it gets uncomfortable. I have this cover on the Nook and love how it feels in my hands. I know it sounds weird but it's a sensation I can't describe. The Nook screen is 5 inches, bigger than the current Kindle I have (this is the one I have but I think I have an older version because it says that it's 6 inches but my screen is definitely not 6 inches) 

This Nook is also so much faster than my Kindle and my old Nook; I'm sure that's because of the newness but it's such a pleasure to read on something that moves quickly. 

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nook, barnes and noble, ereader, ebooks

One more pro: I can buy books directly from the Barnes & Noble website which is something the Kindle doesn't let you do. I love the ability to easily purchase on the app vs logging onto my computer. It's a minor thing but it's definitely a pro. 

nook, e-reader, barnes and noble, ebooks

I much prefer reading on my Nook over my Kindle and it's an internal fight every time I want to start a new book. I've stopped purchasing books on my Kindle and really only reserve that for Netgalley books. I just have such a better reading experience on the Nook.

All in all, I definitely think the Barnes & Noble Nook Glow Light 3 is the best e-reader I've ever used. It's a better experience than my Kindle and if I have to pick a big corporation to support, I'd rather it be B&N, dedicated to books vs Amazon. If you're on the market for a new e-reader, I 100% recommend the Nook! 

Have you ever used a Nook? What are your thoughts on e-readers?


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