I received "Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty" for an early review from Netgalley and it was published yesterday! 

This book is written by Lauren Weisberger, the author of "The Devil Wears Prada" and its sequel, "When Life Hands You Lulu Lemons", which I read and reviewed a few years back. When I first requested this novel for review, I thought this was the third book in the Devil Wears Prada series... and I thought that until about 2 chapters into reading. 

I've read other Weisberger novels as well, most notably "The Singles Game" which I adored. I love her  style of writing so it's no wonder I LOVED "Where the Grass is Green..." This was a simple (yet complex) women's fiction novel that wasn't stuffy or overdone but really funny, witty, and such a pleasure to read. I have to read more of Weisberger because her writing makes me so happy and full of life! 

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Publisher's Summary

A seat at the anchor desk of the most-watched morning show. Recognized by millions across the country, thanks in part to her flawless blond highlights and Botox-smoothed skin. An adoring husband and a Princeton-bound daughter. Peyton is that woman. She has it all.

Until . . .

Skye, her sister, is a stay-at-home mom living in a glitzy suburb of New York. She has degrees from all the right schools and can helicopter-parent with the best of them. But Skye is different from the rest. She’s looking for something real and dreams of a life beyond the PTA and pickup.

Until . . .

Max, Peyton’s bright and quirky seventeen-year-old daughter, is poised to kiss her fancy private school goodbye and head off to pursue her dreams in film. She’s waited her entire life for this opportunity.

Until . . .

One little lie. That’s all it takes. For the illusions to crack. For resentments to surface. Suddenly the grass doesn’t look so green. And they’re left wondering: will they have what it takes to survive the truth?

My Thoughts

"Where the Grass is Green...." is very reminiscent of the college admissions scandal that took place a few years ago and that is noted within the novel, which I appreciated. It wouldn't felt disingenuous if Weisberger didn't call that out. That way, it was like this book was taking place in the same universe as our reality. 

Within the book there are three POVs: Peyton, Skye and Max. All are really reliable narrators and I enjoyed reading them all. Peyton was definitely supposed to be the most unlikable character just because of what she did but she isn't -- I loved reading her and I loved her personality. I didn't agree with what she did but as the novel goes on and you start to see more of the real Peyton, you could understand her position. 

Skye and Max were interesting too, all very different characters and I felt for their personal struggles. You get a real insight into the characters, their personalities and the reasoning behind their actions. Weisberger really makes them come to life and makes them relatable, yet interesting to read. As someone who reads a lot of books, this is something unique to Weisberger in my opinion.

The thing I love most about Weisberger's writing is that she has the ability to weave real life problems with light hearted language and scenarios. It was one of my favorite parts of this book... we were dealing with real life issues, heavy & dramatic issues at that but it still felt casual. That takes real talent because it doesn't come across as boring or insensitive. It's a balancing act that she does so well! 

This is superficial but I love the way Westchester and NYC life was captured throughout the book. I grew up in NYC but went to college in Westchester (my college town even gets a shoutout!) so I understand both fairly well. I think Lauren captured it perfectly -- there was glamour, movement, busyness yet an odd calming feeling to some of the settings. 

While some parts of the book might not feel relatable: all the characters are 'famous' and wealthy, it felt very down to earth at the same time. I think this is a novel that everyone can find something they like: it has drama, romance, familial relationships and a bit of glamour & spark. 

As I said before, this book is really light and refreshing, maybe that's because I read a lot of drama and thrillers but I enjoyed every moment of this book. I was never bored and was truly captured from the first chapter.

I simply cannot recommend "Where The Grass is Green and the Girls Are Pretty" enough! 


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