The Essie's "Not Red-y for Bed" collection was released a few months ago and it drew me in immediately. I picked up two shades "From A to Zz" and "The Snuggle Is Real" and loved them both. After going through my nail polish collection for the spring and summer I realized I needed some new colors.

Recently, Essie posted some swatches of the collection on Instagram and the color "Wink of Sleep" really stood out. It's the most gorgeous deep violet shade that I think is perfect for the transition season of winter into spring. 

The shade is extremely bright for being a dark color but it's so beautiful and unique. You might think you have something like this in your nail polish collection but there is something really special and interesting about this shade. I thought it was traditional until I painted my nails with it... instantly obsessed. 

The formula is wonderful too! I was really surprised at how smooth and even the polish went on. It dried to perfection, was very shiny and looked so beautiful. The chipping was a minimal too. It wasn't until the 5th day that I noticed one or two chips on the tips of my nails. It held up very well! I definitely recommend this collection -- it's full of bright, beautiful shades and I feel like I need them all. This is the first collection from Essie in a while that I love all the colors. 

I can't wait to repaint my nails with this shade and try the other shade I picked up, "Sleepover Squad".

What's on your nails this week?

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