I don't know where I came across this book but I'm very glad I did. I scored it on sale at Barnes & Noble for my Nook a few weeks back and read it fairly quickly. The Book of Moods is written by Lauren Martin, founder of a website called Words of Women. She deep dove into her mood problem and how she fixed it.

As someone who is extremely moody and always have been I'm very interested in our moods and how they affect our lives, how we can control them and what they actually mean. 

This book was part research, part memoir and I really loved it. I can see myself re-reading this and recommending it to anyone who wants to learn more about their own moodiness. 

Publisher's Summary

Five years ago, Lauren Martin was sure something was wrong with her. She had a good job in New York, an apartment in Brooklyn, a boyfriend, yet every day she wrestled with feelings of inferiority, anxiety and irritability. It wasn't until a chance encounter with a (charming, successful) stranger who revealed that she also felt these things, that Lauren set out to better understand the hold that these moods had on her, how she could change them, and began to blog about the wisdom she uncovered. It quickly exploded into an international online community of women who felt like she did: lost, depressed, moody, and desirous of change.

Inspired by her audience to press even deeper, The Book of Moods shares Lauren's journey to infuse her life with a sense of peace and stability. With observations that will resonate and inspire, she dives into the universal triggers every woman faces — whether it's a comment from your mother, the relentless grind at your job, days when you wish the mirror had a Valencia filter, or all of the above. Blending cutting-edge science, timeless philosophy, witty anecdotes and effective forms of self-care, Martin has written a powerful, intimate, and incredibly relatable chronicle of transformation, proving that you really can turn your worst moods into your best life.

My Thoughts

I've been really vocal about my anxiety and depression here on Royally Pink but one thing that I also struggle with is moods and irritability. It's definitely part of my mental health issues and my anxiety usually triggers a bad mood but sometimes it can be hard to reign in. My moods are very erratic, they vary from minute to minute and just like Lauren Martin describes in her book. 

While reading this book I felt seen. I finally felt like I was being catered too. It was an incredible feeling to realize that you aren't alone in how you feel. I've always felt like I was an outsider for letting small things affect my mood, or being really irritable and not knowing why. The Book of Moods was exactly what I needed to help me see things clearly. It was truly eye opening. 

I loved the writing of this book; like I said, its part memoir part research but 100% enjoyable. Martin puts it all out on the line and doesn't shy away from sharing her most vulnerable moments. She tells you how she almost lost her friends and her fiancĂ©. She shares how her mood affected her work and her daily life. 

Aside from Martin's personal experiences, she lays out how to turn your moods around in every situation life could throw at you. There are clear steps, advice, and helpful tips to walk you through mood swings. At the end of the book, you see how Martin was able to turn her life around and really reign in control of her mood swings. It was like light at the end of the tunnel. 

Another favorite part of this book was how it was laid out; each chapter focused on a different aspect of your moods and how to solve them. Each chapter was really well thought out, researched, and put together. I think it made the book so much more digestible. 

I really enjoyed this book; it was conversational yet had an expertise tone as well. It helped me understand my personality more but it was also very interesting. If you're someone who is interested in the psychology of your own mind or someone who is very moody like myself, I highly recommend picking up this book!

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