This month felt like it was extremely slow. I know that's different from what everyone else says but March 1st seems like ages ago... maybe it was the anniversary of the pandemic, or the fact that I felt like there was a lot of death this month (I know tons of people who passed away and it's exhausting) but I'm happy it's over. 

March also brought good things: good weather, celebrations, and lots of new favorites! While spring & summer are not my favorite time(s) of the year, I'm excited for how alive everything feels when the warm weather starts to pick up. I can't wait to go on walks, be outside, and just breathe in some beautiful fresh air. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I gave up shopping for most of March so these favorites are tried and true, purchased and used many times before this month. Also, I'll be doing a separate beauty favorites post because I definitely have gotten back into the swing of my skincare & makeup routines and there's tons of stuff I've been loving. 

For now, let's get into the items I loved in March!

Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier 

I mentioned this on my Instagram stories last week but this Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier definitely my favorite product of the month. As soon as the weather turns nice, my body freaks out. It's like I go to sleep one night completely normal and wake up a stuffy, tension headache mess. This portable humidifier has been helping wonders! I've had it for a little over a year and go through phases with it but I've consistently used it day and night all month and have noticed a difference. 

The reason I love this mini humidifier is because I hate large, floor based ones -- they're a pain to clean and I never feel like they truly work. With this portable one, I keep it on my nightstand and then during the day, I plug it into my computer's USB port and have it going all day long. It helps me breathe better, prevents allergy  headaches and stuffy nose. It's a lifesaver in so many ways and if you struggle with allergies, I cannot recommend this enough.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

This is definitely cheating but I have to mention this! If you missed my Youtube unboxing and my Instagram post... I bought my dream bag this month! I go into detail on Youtube but finally being able to purchase this bag after lusting after it for years was a dream. I've wanted the Pochette Metis since I first saw it, and then when the reverse was released I knew that was the bag I wanted. 

I've never been able to comfortably pull the trigger on the purchase but this year, with my tax return, and after finding the perfectly priced bag on Fashionphile, I knew it was meant to be. I haven't stopped using this bag and it honestly has me questioning every bag in my collection. It's perfect for everyday, for date night, for simply everything you could imagine. I am completely obsessed and don't know if the awe will ever wear off! There will be a full review coming along with tons of other content based around the bag. 

Olive & June Cuticle Serum

Of course this is a beauty item and I said I was doing a separate post but I loved this item too much to not mention it. I received this cuticle serum while ago, as a GWP on Olive & June's website but haven't used it much since as I have other cuticle oils (and I lost it for a while). Well, this month this cuticle serum was my best friend. My nails and cuticles were a disaster and this is the only thing that helped me. This isn't like traditional cuticle oils thanks to the serum consistency. It doesn't slip and slide all over your fingers and absorbs right into your skin to really nourish and hydrate the cuticle. It's super portable so this is an oil you can throw in your bag, not worry about it spilling or breaking, and you will always have moisturized cuticles! 

Jet Set Candy Croissant Necklace

I've been having a huge jewelry moment the past few months and this croissant necklace is really the icing on the cake. Ever since seeing Alison Lou's carb bracelet and croissant stud, I've been on the hunt for a piece of croissant jewelry. As if my prayers were being answered, one of my favorite jewelry brands, Jet Set Candy, released a croissant charm. I immediately purchased it and have been living for it ever since. It's super dainty so it goes with everything, and I just love having my favorite pastry dangling from my neck. Jet Set Candy makes beautiful gold & silver jewelry that is ultra dainty, reasonably priced, and so cute. A full post on the brand coming soon! 

What items did you love this month?
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