I've mentioned this before but when I was younger, I hated Valentine's Day. I thought it was stupid and silly to have a day celebrating love but as I've matured and had a real relationship, I don't mind it as much. It's the typical scenario; girl hates Valentine's Day, girl gets a boyfriend, girl likes Valentine's Day.

I thought this year, being single, I would hate it again but I actually don't mind. I've found that it really doesn't mean anything and I can enjoy the 'spirit' of the holiday no matter what. When I say Valentine's Day spirit I'm really referring to the chocolate, the pink & red color scheme, and all of the hearts. I love the decor, the fun items, and all the candy. Pink is my brand, it's my favorite color so why shouldn't I love the holiday that celebrates it?

This year, I feel like so many brands are releasing the cutest Valentine's Day items! There's so much decor, so many cute trinkets, and also some items that can be great Valentine's Day gifts but not necessarily are V-Day themed. 

Letters & Lucy, Allie & noah, the notebook, valentines day

I've searched the internet for my favorite finds all in the gallery below but one that I cannot link but wanted to mention is  the LOVE collection from Letters & Lucy. I purchased the 'couple sweatshirt' and obviously got it in Light Pink with Carrie & Big on the front. 

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