For the past few years, I have used my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda and planner inserts as my personal planner. I fell in love with the idea of an LV agenda when I first stumbled upon the preloved market and have been addicted to perfecting it ever since. 

My Louis Vuitton agendas have evolved over the years. I toyed with the ideas of making them notebooks, of planning out my finances, freelance work, and blog ideas with them but ultimately, they were used for daily scheduling, running to-do lists, and jotting down notes. I took it with me back and forth to work and have spent years trying to find the perfect planner inserts for them. I finally settled on Cloth & Paper and have been loving it (Youtube video on that coming soon).

However, over the course of the pandemic, I've felt a little lost when it comes to using this agenda. It feels a little small for me; I want more space but also a less complex look and feel. I toyed with the idea of a bigger agenda, maybe even buying the Louis Vuttion Desk Agenda cover so I can still have that sleek designer look I love and appreciate. I made due though; I bought my 2021 inserts, rearranged the layout, and was going to make it work. 

That was, until, The Everygirl announced they had partnered with Day Designer for a line of planners at Target. I've used the Day Designer before; both the original and Target editions. I've loved them both but loved my LV more. The one company that could change my mind is The Everygirl. It's an online publication that I have loved and cherished for years, that really encompasses who I am and who I want to be as a woman. I knew I needed to support them and after seeing the designs of the planners, I was sold.

I purchased the smaller, hardbound, pink design and I love it so much. I love how girly and sophisticated it is. I love that it's hardbound and has a pink, silk bookmark to hold your place.

new 2021 planner - target

2021 planner- the everygirl3

I also love the layout; I love all the goal-setting at the beginning of the planner and the different pages of how you can action those goals to help you succeed. It has a page for habit tracking, organized by daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habits which I love; plus, a list for a year's worth of bucket list items. It's really laid out to help you be the best version of yourself. 

2021 planner- the everygirl

At the beginning of the month, it has pink pages with inspirational quotes and then has a little 'weekly tip' at the top of every new weekly layout. It's so sweet and the attention to detail is fantastic. 

2021 planner- the everygirl

2021 planner- the everygirl2

2021 planner- the everygirl-quote

The core of the planner has monthly pages and then the weekly, planner pages that are laid out into 'to do' lists and regular note-taking space. 

There are larger, spiral-bound versions of this planner and they also have a career planner and a 30 Day Challenge planner. I'm considering purchasing the career planner to see how it's laid out and if it's helpful but truly, how many planners can I have?

At the moment, I'm using a Lilly Pulitzer planner for work,  my Everygirl planner, and I haven't figured out what I'm doing with my LV planner yet...I've still been using it on and off with The Everygirl. I also have notebooks for my blog, for meal planning, and for freelance writing ideas. Then, in my Damier Ebene Louis Vuitton MM Agenda, I have inserts for meal planning (though I am running out and like the individual notebook idea), capsule wardrobe planning, and skincare routine planning. I have leftover inserts for finances that I haven't found a place for either.

It's a lot of planners and notebooks but I don't mind. Notebooks make me happy and I really adore using my Everygirl x Day Designer planner! 

What kind of planner are you currently using?

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