Friday night is here again and I'm sitting by my Christmas tree and watching Dateline. They're talking about Princess Diana tonight, and now I'm really sad. I think I mentioned watching The Crown a few weeks ago and how I actually had to pause it because I felt so drained from it. Now, I'm reliving it all over again for no good reason other than I always have to stop and watch something on the Royal Family. I so wish I could've remembered Princess Diana and so wish she was still here today.

This was a solid week -- it snowed in NYC and oh wow I think it was just what I needed. It's so magical when it snows and this week was no different. The streets looked and felt so calm, and still do, even as the snow is becoming grey and melted. 

I'm also really excited about next week because it's CHRISTMAS! My family and I are taking all the proper precautions to have a small gathering with just my uncle and aunt so I'm happy. I love soaking up the last few bits of Christmas spirit during this week. I'm only working Monday & Tuesday so happy to have a few extra days to relax and recharge.

Let's get into the post... 

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Pink Positivity of the Week

The snowstorm and just being super cozy during the holiday season has brought me a lot of joy this week! It really made it feel like Christmas and warmed me up inside. 

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Have a great weekend!
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